⚠️⚠️⚠️ Be Aware!! Crypto Scam In progress – ⚠️⚠️⚠️

I have just encountered a Bitcoin scam on a different level,
that’s not your typical seed theft by a fake wallet or phishing website,
these guys went beyond what I have expected, let me walk you through:

The name of the site is **”**[****](**”**

1. The scam starts with an SMS message I got, stating the following:

*Hi Osnat, as requested, we did an untaxable deposit of about €471,000 into your bitcoin portfolio at UserId: 32576475 Pass: bigvon56*

( [](

2. of course, I try to login out of curiosity to see how the scam works, I use the provided login details and sure it works.
The page immediately asks to change my current password to a stronger one (at this stage I thought maybe they’ll be phish my password and try their luck on some exchanges).
( []( )

3. I change the password and it even uses an OTP method of verification, I get an SMS with a code to prove my identity. (there I understood that this wasn’t the regular scam we often see)
( []( )

4. I open the account and there is indeed the 9.5 BTC balance, I browse through the website just to see how much they actually put into this, and I find that the site is well organized, all the buttons are clickable, there are **About, Privacy, terms of service** pages with actual content.

5. of course, I do what every normal person would do, and try to withdraw the BTC,
I put my recipient address and I get an error message noting that the first withdrawal amount can’t be above 0.00014 BTC (about $7) “out of security reasons”,
so sure I try to withdraw the max amount, and I get a confirmation of the site, (here I’m sure that nothing would really happen, and probably I will get a message requesting me to put my seeds to continue the process)

6. ***What happened now blew me away.***
I get a confirmation on my **Binance** account that I have just deposited funds, and indeed my balance just increased by the $7 mentioned above. (**the scammers sent me the funds!!)**

7. Here is the catch, when I try to withdraw the rest 9.4… BTC that has left, I get a popup saying that I have a withdrawal **Min limit** of 9.5…BTC and basically I have to fund my account in order to continue. (Yea sure..) ( [](

Please be **aware** and **share** this with your friends, anyone could fall for this out of pure greed.
You don’t usually see this level of commitment in these scams, these guys went beyond what we know, the website is clean and looks very professional and legit, they send you actual money to lure you in, and I’m sure the success rate is crazy here.

The scam is based in **Israel** from what I can tell, or at least targets Israelis as the OTP asks for an Israeli number (maybe based on location), I can tell that just by the name “Osnat” as it is a common Israeli name and not mine…
so Thank You for reading and please remember:

“***if something is too good to be true, it probably isn’t***”.

Edit: Do Not Use You Phone Number If You Want To Try This Yourself!
I don’t recommend this in anyway, just sharing my experience.

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