⚡️Announcing the New Lightning Terminal: From Pleb to Web! 🕸️

⚡️Announcing the New Lightning Terminal: From Pleb to Web! 🕸️

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  1. set up our own node LN node guys. See ? you are missing out on another cutting edge tech once again. Sure you can say to your friends and family now Bitcoin is 10x better than gold and no longer 10x worse than cash/cc thanks to LN net, but if they ask you how it works and start asking more detail questions and you can’t give them a clear answer, you would look just like those snake oil shitcoin salesmen.

    If you’re not tech savvy, get those rpi4 solutions, RaspiBlitz, Umbrel and whatnot. If you’re good a computer, dust off your old laptop add SSD that’s it. Get on telegram join the plebnet and go from there.

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Can someone give a breakdown of this?

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