⚡ Lightning Thursday! December 02, 2021: Explore the Lightning Network!⚡

The lightning network is a second-layer solution on top of the Bitcoin blockchain that enables quick, cheap and scalable Bitcoin payments.

Here is the place to discuss and learn more about lightning!

Ask your questions about lightning

Provide reviews, feedback, comparisons of LN apps, services, websites etc

Learn about new LN features, development, apps

Link to good quality resources (articles, wikis etc)


* Here is an awesome list of resources compiled by Jameson Lopp:

* Want to test out your lightning fire power? tip the Bitcoin devs!

* Previous threads: [Search](

* Lnbook getting closer towards being finished and can already be seen at:

* Lightning Dedicated YouTube Channel:

* Also there is the playlist by chaincode labs:

* Lightning stores:

* Learn more and talk about lightning right here in r/Bitcoin, r/bitcoinbeginners, r/thelightningnetwork, and [the r/Bitcoin chat](

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  1. Good morning everyone! We are currently working on a platform that aims to make content creation (or it’s monetization) more free and fun. And in order to achieve that we have built it completely on Lightning!

    I’d love to hear some feedback from other Bitcoiners and especially from the “hardcore” Lightning community.

    You can find it here:

    Feedback is GREATLY appreciated and I love to tip bug bounties too (via LN obviously) 😛

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