⚡ Lightning Thursday! May 12, 2022: Explore the Lightning Network!⚡

The lightning network is a second-layer solution on top of the Bitcoin blockchain that enables quick, cheap and scalable Bitcoin payments.

Here is the place to discuss and learn more about lightning!

Ask your questions about lightning

Provide reviews, feedback, comparisons of LN apps, services, websites etc

Learn about new LN features, development, apps

Link to good quality resources (articles, wikis etc)


* Here is an awesome list of resources compiled by Jameson Lopp:

* Want to test out your lightning fire power? tip the Bitcoin devs!

* Previous threads: [Search](

* Lnbook getting closer towards being finished and can already be seen at:

* Lightning Dedicated YouTube Channel:

* Also there is the playlist by chaincode labs:

* Lightning stores:

* Learn more and talk about lightning right here in r/Bitcoin, r/bitcoinbeginners, r/thelightningnetwork, and [the r/Bitcoin chat](

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  1. A few useful things about **lightning**⚡:

    – [Stacker News]( Read news, and get some sats with lightning through votes, posts, comments, etc.

    – [SolDirac]( A Q/A website that pays you sats via lightning to answer the questions.

    – [Lightning Exchanges]( List of exchanges that support withdrawals and sending bitcoin with lightning.

    – [21 Days of Bitcoin course from the Bitcoin Magazine]( Earn 2,100 sats for free redeemable through lightning while learning more about Bitcoin with this course.

    – [BTC Pay Server]( Accept bitcoin with lightning at your store for free.

    – [bitrefill]( Buy gift cards for many stores worldwide with lightning.

    – [Lightning network explorer]( Cool map showing public lightning nodes all around the world.

    – [Satsback]( Earn sats back whenever you buy stuff. It’s like cashback but with sats instead, and paid with lightning.

    – [Lightning Network Stores]( Directory of stores that support lightning.

    – Some great lightning wallets: If you just want the simplest non-custodial one, go with [Muun]( If you want the simplest custodial one, go with [Wallet of Satoshi]( If you want to be able to customize things a bit and maybe even use your own lightning node you can check out [Breeze](, [BlueWallet](, [Phoenix]( If you want a wallet with all the latest state of the art stuff implemented into it, check out [Blixt]( If you want to have full control of your lightning node, checkout [Zeus](

    – If you want to run a lightning node with 100% open source where you have full control of every aspect of the stack: [Open source stack to run your own Lightning node⚡](

    Also, heaps of things happening at the **3rd layer**, on top of lightning:

    – [Sphinx]( Decentralized chat/social media/etc, you can even sell your texts/photos/media out of the box. All using sats.

    – [Juggernaut]( Similar to sphinx. All using sats.

    – [impervious]( P2P everything with payments built-in. All based on lightning.

    – [Login with your lightning wallet instead of user/pass](

    – [lightning address]( Make your own lightning address for simpler payments in lightning.

    – [zebedee API]( API to use sats as micro-payments in games.

    – If you ever need to send a fax, [you can do it with lightning](

    – If you need to send an SMS instead, [here’s how to send it with lightning](

    – [Alby]( Use lightning in the browser. You can authenticate (no more user/pass), and make lightning transactions right from your browser. No need to switch between apps or creating invoices. All works seamlessly.

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