⚡ Lightning Thursday! May 19, 2022: Explore the Lightning Network!⚡

The lightning network is a second-layer solution on top of the Bitcoin blockchain that enables quick, cheap and scalable Bitcoin payments.

Here is the place to discuss and learn more about lightning!

Ask your questions about lightning

Provide reviews, feedback, comparisons of LN apps, services, websites etc

Learn about new LN features, development, apps

Link to good quality resources (articles, wikis etc)


* Here is an awesome list of resources compiled by Jameson Lopp:

* Want to test out your lightning fire power? tip the Bitcoin devs!

* Previous threads: [Search](

* Lnbook getting closer towards being finished and can already be seen at:

* Lightning Dedicated YouTube Channel:

* Also there is the playlist by chaincode labs:

* Lightning stores:

* Learn more and talk about lightning right here in r/Bitcoin, r/bitcoinbeginners, r/thelightningnetwork, and [the r/Bitcoin chat](

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  1. I understand Muun wallet gets a lot of negative press as it uses submarine swaps to go from native to lightning networks but it takes a lot of hassle out of managing your own channels.

    The amount of times bluewallet hooked up to Umbrel has failed for me just made me give up trying to custody my own lightning channels in the end.

    Which iOS wallet would you recommend with your own node for lightning transactions, my current process more or less is below:

    1. Buy Bitcoin from Kraken.
    2. Withdraw via lighting at 0 cost.
    3. Send to cold storage at 1sat/vB (via Muun)
    4. Maybe on the rare occasion use Bitrefill.

  2. Very important question

    Is lighting network BITCOIN or it’s a separate network?

    The only thing that makes me trust bitcoin more than anything in the world is my whole access to it

    Is lighting this way too?

  3. You can now use any NFC card to pay using lightning by just tapping your card, in the same way that you use a credit card, only that you’re using Bitcoin all the way, no banks, no exchanges, no visa, no mastercard.

    [How to use those awesome new Bolt Cards without a CoinCorner account](

  4. Is there any way to get “onboarded” to the Lightning Network in a non-custodial way that doesn’t require an onchain transaction?

    I’m just curious about what mechanisms could allow for such a thing and how they’d work. I read about channel factories but I’m not sure if they can do this.

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