⚡ Lightning Thursday! October 14, 2021: Explore the Lightning Network!⚡

The lightning network is a second-layer solution on top of the Bitcoin blockchain that enables quick, cheap and scalable Bitcoin payments.

Here is the place to discuss and learn more about lightning!

Ask your questions about lightning

Provide reviews, feedback, comparisons of LN apps, services, websites etc

Learn about new LN features, development, apps

Link to good quality resources (articles, wikis etc)


* Here is an awesome list of resources compiled by Jameson Lopp:

* Want to test out your lightning fire power? tip the Bitcoin devs!

* Previous threads: [Search](

* Lnbook getting closer towards being finished and can already be seen at:

* Lightning Dedicated YouTube Channel:

* Also there is the playlist by chaincode labs:

* Lightning stores:

* Learn more and talk about lightning right here in r/Bitcoin, r/bitcoinbeginners, r/thelightningnetwork, and [the r/Bitcoin chat](

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  1. Can someone explain why rebalancing would be necessary? Say I open 10 channels with a million sats each. And I’m not sending any of my own sats around. I just want to grow the network right now.

    I feel like I understand lightning decently well, but rebalancing just doesn’t make sense to me yet.

  2. When using a custodial Lightning wallet such as Phoenix, one is given the option to store a mnemonic recovery seed.

    What exactly does this phrase allow you to recover? For regular on-chain-only wallets, a seed phrase allows the user to recover the private key as per the BIP39 standard. Do individual Lightning channels have a similar system that utilise a private key to sign transactions?

  3. Say I have ten 1mill sat channels open and I rebalance and spread my sats around the channels. I also never spent a sat for purchases. If I close a particular channel with less than a million sats on my side, due to rebalance, will I get back the million I started with on that channel? Or will I get back what ever is left in that channel on my side?

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