🟠 Pizza Hut is accepting Bitcoin in El Salvador!

Pizza lovers, this one’s for you. The American multinational restaurant and the international franchise was founded back in 1958 by Dan & Frank Carney, who set out on an ambitious goal: To provide pizza with quality ingredients at reasonable prices alongside Italian-American dishes such as pasta or desserts 🍕




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  1. Holy s*** you mean there’s an actual Pizza Hut in El Salvador I thought they were so oppressed I thought they were like a third world country but they got a f****** Pizza Hut

  2. I know they have to accept it because they’re obligated by law but still I’m slow to ccept the new distopic reality we’re living in over here and see “we accept bitcoin” on Pizza Hut and top brands.


    And yes, we have american brands since decades ago, as they’re all over the world, don’t get surprised by that.

  3. Pizza Hut there is actually good. It’s more of a sit down family setting with pasta and salads. Also fast food like McDonalds and KFC and Wendy’s have burgers with actual meat.

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