1/3 of crypto investors don’t know how crypto works, hence the top few coins dominate the market share. Instead of shilling your coin about 100x potential, educate people about the technology & innovation and not the price

1/3 of crypto investors don’t know how crypto works, hence the top few coins dominate the market share. Instead of shilling your coin about 100x potential, educate people about the technology & innovation and not the price

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  1. Unfortunately, a subset of investors (probably over 33%) are gamblers not investors. I BET if there were more educated investors the volatility would go down and the great projects would shine more and the flashy shisters projects wouldnt be around long.

  2. I’m brand new to crypto. I have not invested yet, but plan on doing it soon.

    I have saved about 10 posts on this sub recently. Which I plan on reading and learning about. The whole thing can feel very over whelming to start.

    I feel like like if I don’t start to learn about this now, I will be left in the Stone age.

  3. 1/3 is generous. I’d say at least half of people don’t even know what a blockchain is or what the purpose of Cryptocurrency is.

    How many people have asked *”I can send money from my bank for free, why would I use cryptocurrency?”*. The entire basic premise of Cryptocurrency is to have decentralized peer to peer transfers that don’t rely on middlemen to grift your money from you.

    Now, this isn’t hating on the new folks to the space, and it’s not an elitist club, but if you’re investing in something you should know at the *very least* the basics of the space and why cryptocurrency exists.

  4. Yeah really I notice this the last couple weeks. I was talking to a friend of mine last week, and he had just started investing in crypto. He chose Cardano as his first crypto (pretty good pick btw) because it wants to do roughly the same as Ethereum and it was only $1.40 and Ethereum is already $1600!!!

    I explained to him that’s not how it works

  5. Even if people knew about the tech, I think the top few coins would dominate market share. The top few anything dominates market share in everything. Everyone could have a degree in carbonization… Coca-Cola and Pepsi will still dominate the soft drink market. You can totally understand combustion… the top 5 car companies will still dominate the market.

    Anyways, I got into Bitcoin 100% because of the price action. If it had the tech of Nano with smart contracts (so really great tech) but in over a decade the price had only gone from sub-penny to $0.03 *and* it still dominated the charts… I totally wouldn’t be here. That’s not beating my 401k, which is what I’m in crypto for.

    I read up about the tech, watched some docs about fiat currencies then watched some docs about blockchain and the history of Bitcoin. When I invest now, I’m looking at the tech powering a coin and if I think it has potential use… but only potential use that translates into price action. Price action is what gets me wet and I have no qualms about it. “You can hate me now… but I won’t stop now” – Diddy.

    Helium is the only coin where I’m actually propping up the tech and I don’t care about the price, I live in the hood and I want there to be IOT infrastructure and I know the city will leave us in the dust if the powers that be have their way. I would like to run an ADA node, primarily because they’re focused on getting Africa even more on the crypto train and they’re public about that. Those are like the only two though where the tech is really what gets me. I mine ETH, RVN, and XMR 24/7 but that’s only to get free shillings. I give zero f**** about the sanctity of decentralization or doing my part to keep the network secure. To me, that’s a cool bonus. Like it’s cool. I get the tech of it and blockchain is cool. I’ve always been a nerd and into computers my whole life so I’m not anti-tech, but the price action is what I’m here for. The tech is interesting but if all it was is tech and no price action, I’d just read about it in *Popular Science* and talk about blockchain’s potential online but I wouldn’t be doing DCA into it like I am now.

    If you aren’t running nodes or saving up to have enough to run one or whatever the equivalent is for your coin or mining purely for the sake of securing a PoW network, you’re in it for the price action. And there’s nothing wrong with this. That’s the beauty of it. Most of these things are designed to appeal to both parties (pure tech heads and pure money heads).

  6. “The stock market is filled with individuals who know the price of everything, but the value of nothing.” — Phillip Fisher

    Same can probably be said for the crypto market

  7. When I first started investing in BTC I had no idea what crypto actually was and how it worked. Now I know some of the handles around blockchain, but my investing is still what it was when I first started: appalling.

    That’s the thing, though. Even if I’m losing money, I’m still excited to learn about new coins and their use cases. It’s what crypto is all about and I think that magic is not lost.

  8. My biggest fear for this sub is that doge and wsb bleeds into here more and more with mewns and rocket ships. Although I love my fair share of lambo memes and such. For a newbie it makes us look like jokes.

  9. Not to be a negative Nancy but duh. Although I have came to the conclusion it’s more like 2/3 based off my Facebook newsfeed with people I know put #XRP #DOGE #TOTHEMOON while posting screenshots from their Robinhood accounts showing the amount of doge/Xrp/whatever they have, but will edit out the amount of dollars it is worth. Like bro that’s $50 of Doge you bought when it topped out at like $0.07 gtfo outta here with your financial advice.

  10. Honestly If people weren’t to buy bitcoin on exchanges, just to keep in on them then sell it again, but actually use it I think a lot more people would think twice about bitcoin due to it’s high fees. just my two cents..

  11. Run a node, try mining, play with defi, NFTs, etc…

    Best way to learn is to try it out yourself. Don’t be the noob buying Bitcoin on PayPal, you haven’t even experienced an on-chain transaction.

  12. There’s more than one aspect to the ignorance of crypto enthusiasts.

    I’ve long since adopted WB’s mindset when it comes to investing, and it’s paid off 100% of the time: Invest only in what you understand.

    With this obviously comes the «do you understand the underlying tech?», but it also poses a more important question; «Why is this valuable?» and «why could this see widespread adoption?».

    Crypto is riddled with idiots that see an opportunity for a quick buck, and have zero alternatives to attaining any serious amounts of money. This is why it seems like everyone is chasing the next x100.
    There has never been anything wrong with getting a reward after taking a risk. However, when attaining money through any means becomes the sole objective, it makes the entire space more cynical, and prone to disregarding what has actual value and possibility of «furthering the cause», instead it will focus on what the current hype is.

    This time it’s DeFi. The last bullcycle it was privacy coins and low cost transaction coins.

    Albeit I agree that there are alot of good projects out there, ultimately most of them are utterly worthless and will never see widespread adoption. If this simple fact is ignored, we’re also saying it’s okay for 99% of those holders to lose all their money.

    «Don’t invest more than you can afford to lose» seems to be the idiotic mantra of this sub, and it rubs off as cynical and arrogant. The phrasing implies that you’re entering a casino, and it truly says alot about the retail community.
    There should be far more focus on talking about what has an actual value for society. If you truly believe that a company that aspires to authenticate digital Hello Kitty’s should be worth 10 billion, then by all means go for it.
    However, if you buy something with the intent to dump it on some idiot later down the line, you’re the worst kind of person that perpetuates the manipulative industry this has become.

    No, 1/3 of crypto investors is far too generous. I think the overwhelming likelihood here is that less than 5% of crypto owners actually understand what the tech does, it’s purpose and why their coins could actually be valuable, or most likely, complete garbage.

    Tl:dr Stop peddling shitcoins for short term gains, and instead focus on what has actual value. Every shitcoin and p&d you participate in makes the space worse for wear..

  13. I lost money investing in hyped stuff. After doing my research I gained back some but still didn’t break even. The difference is that I have a bigger peace of mind going forward because of the tech and its applicability. So I turned into holder mode keeping the coins on the wallet and not looking to constantly sell high and buy low. I just wait for that bigger picture of my research to show up in the future, I have that confidence so market drops worry me less and less.



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