(1) Bitcoin vs Gold: The Great Debate with Michael Saylor and Frank Giustra – YouTube

(1) Bitcoin vs Gold: The Great Debate with Michael Saylor and Frank Giustra – YouTube

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  1. My favorite Saylor argument against gold was that gold miners sell their gold, bitcoin miners keep their bitcoin. So as a gold holder you kind of want the miners to stop selling. Bitcoin holders don’t have that problem because the miners believe the price is going to go up so they want to keep it longer.

  2. The closing remarks is a perfect resemblance of how obsolete gold is to bitcoin. Michael uses this time to highlight the many positives of bitcoin, while Frank is in total denial of how poor gold is in comparison, doesn’t mention any positives of gold and instead uses this time to heckle Michael like a crazy old guy.

  3. Sadly it’s seems around the 37:50 marker in this video you hear Saylor confirming my theory that he is not a self custody proponent and is actually an advocate of banking 2.0 with folks leaving their coins on regulated exchanges /custodians. This is not the way! Sadly I imagine that he (and all of companies he lead to BTC using his playbook) only own bitcoin IOUs and not actual bitcoin.

  4. A Great Debate requires two great debaters, not one genius articulating complex ideas easily and one clown blindly throwing 10 year old debunked talking points across the table.

    It’s not surprising that the guy who copied what others have done before him to get rich is the guy who’s argument is tantamount to “gold is good because it was good 5000 years ago” and lacks the ability to think for himself and see the flaws.



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