10 steps to view Moons on Metamask


Found it quite difficult to view moons on MetaMask as a noob, so writing this to help other people.


1. Download [MetaMask]( for your browser
2. Open Reddit Menu, click vault, and click the 3 dots icon next to vault
3. Go to Recovery phrase, and back up your seed phrases
4. Back to MetaMask, and choose import account using seed phrase
5. Type in your 12 words phrases, and choose a password and a name for the wallet (Half way!!)
6. Switch the defaulted Ethereum mainnet to Rinkeby test network (network option is on the top, next to the fox icon)
7. Once switched to Rinkeby, click “Add token
8. Choose “Custom Token“, input

Token Contract Address: 0xd216153c06e857cd7f72665e0af1d7d82172f494

Token Symbol: Moons

Decimals of Precision :18

9. If everything goes well, u should be able to now view your moons on MetaMask

10. If it takes forever to load token (which was the case for me), go to the MetaMask extension on the
upper right (the weird puzzle like icon), and click more actions button (next to the pin)

Should bring u to another tab. Click “On all sites” option for site access (Kinda sucks…)

Reload the MetaMask and u should be able to view your moons now. Yay!!

Credits to this [medium]( post for helping me for the first time.

Hope the post helps!!

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  1. I had no clue it was THIS easy to see my Moons on MetaMask. Thank you for this!

    I guess if you already have a Metamask wallet, you just have to switch over to Rinkeby network and add moons. Can you also trade them this way through Uniswap from there?



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