$100 / 6NFTs to win! Solve this puzzle. Good Luck!


**Rules are simple :**

* Everyone can play! You just need Paint, Photoshop or any other software that you like!
* In this Puzzle, 6 QR codes are hidden. Reconstitute the puzzle, reconstitute the QR!
* Each QR code allows you to claim 1 NFT (valued between 50cents / 20$ according to the market)

**Help :**

* **BE METICULOUS WHEN ASSEMBLING THE PUZZLE, THIS IS THE KEY!** If you go too fast, the QR won’t work.
* You will need a Wax wallet to claim the price. [You can freely and quickly create your Wax cloud wallet using this link.](
* Scan the QR with your phone. It will redirect you to a website where the first person can claim the NFT. The transfer to your Wax wallet is automatic (don’t forget to log in)
* What are NFTs? NFTs are unique object on the internet. Imagine if you could put a special certificate behind each picture, each card, each meme! The one who owns the certificate owns the picture. You can then exchange it, sell it etc. Some NFTs are valued more than 2 million dollars.
* Winners, you can contact me if you need help to sell, send or exchange your NFTs
* Good luck!

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  1. Yeah I tried man, I cant get it to work. Its way to small, and it won’t let me zoom into it and cut each piece out. I dont have the skills and resources to take advantage of this opportunity, but wishing Goodluck to those who do!



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