12 Years of Bitcoin Development in 60 seconds

12 Years of Bitcoin Development in 60 seconds<a title="" class="aalmanual" href="">Bitcoin</a>/comments/pwfee1/12_years_of_bitcoin_development_in_60_seconds/

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  1. This was made with [Gource](, a repository change visualization tool. Each of the circles is a file or a directory in a collection of source code. The little person head figures are people making changes. The beam between the two is a change. A green change is an addition, a red change is a deletion, and a yellow change is a little of both, if I remember correctly. When you see a circle split, it means that it was split into another file or it was a directory that suddenly got a whole bunch of subdirectories.

    It’s a really neat tool for visualizing the work being done on a source code base similar to watching construction workers build a house.

    This particular visualization is very sped up so it all kind of happens in an instant. The last time I saw one that was about 10 years worth of changes was six or seven years ago when my employer was acquired and we watched a gource visualization from the beginning to then present at a rate of about 2 minutes per year. It’s a lot of fun to see people come and make important changes or people who are really productive at either adding or deleting things.

    Folks who have just a small amount of work don’t really show up. I’ve got a commit in the Bitcoin source but I’m not even going to bother trying to find myself in this video because it’s probably less than a frame.

  2. For those wondering what this is: it is a CG mock up of the commits that have been added to the bitcoin core code by the developers over the course of time that bitcoin has been active. The corresponding connections and the way that this looks is for which developer helps with which part of bitcoin that they are specializing in in that particular commit. It’s a fun way to visually see just how an open source and fully decentralized system works. The guy that makes these vids has been doing them for years. Shout out to that mo fo. Keep up the good work!

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