15 crypto personalities make under 30 list


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  • Forbes list 15 crypto personalities in its under 30 list
  • Members of the list raised $1 billion in 2021
  • Crypto continues to gain mainstream attention

Digital assets are one sure method to make a massive amount of profits in the financial market. Even though some parties provide services, they still profit as much as the regular trader holding digital assets. In the latest update, about 15 crypto personalities have been listed in the recent Forbes list published. The list comprises 600 individuals who are under the age of 30 across different sectors in the economy.

Members on the Forbes list raised $1 billion

According to the recently released Forbes list, Sam Bankman-Fried, CEO of crypto exchange FTX and co-founder of Alameda Research, retains his place on the list. Another key individual that has retained his place is the founder of CoinList, Brian Tubergen. According to Forbes, the total funds that the current members on the list raised are about $1 billion. In a key win for the crypto sector, about 15 members from the sector made up the list.

A few of the members include Caroline Ellison and Sam Trabucco, who are both CEOs of Alameda, a research platform. Alex Atallah and Emily Yang, the co-founders of OpenSea and PleasrDAO, respectively. The sector with the most participants in the crypto market was the finance sector, as the sector had 11 of its members present on the Forbes list. Slingshot CEO Clinton Bembry, Tegan Cline, founder of Edge & Noble, and Audius co-founder, Roneil Rumburg were the most recognizable parties on the list.

Crypto continues to gain mainstream attention

Besides the Finance industry, Yang got her place on the Forbes list through her massive art collection in the NFT sector. Yang acquired an NFT that was made by Edward Snowden, paying 2,224 Ethereum for it. In today’s market, the PleasrDAO CEO spent more than $10 million to acquire the piece. For their works in journalism in the crypto sector, co-founders of Blockwork, Jason Yanowitz and Michael Ippolito, made the cut in the media sector. This year marks a remarkable growth from last year, where only ten crypto participants made the cut for the Forbes list last year.

This shows that crypto is gradually gaining mainstream attention, with more people venturing into the market. Sources have mentioned that this is partly because of influential figures that have made the Forbes list last year. Last month, the crypto sector recorded another win as Australian Financial Review named seven founders in its list of the richest investors under 40. Forbes list of the richest people in the world also had about 13 crypto personalities. This figure, compared to last year, shows a massive x3 growth.

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