19 Million Americans May Start Buying Crypto This Year

19 Million Americans May Start Buying Crypto This Year

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  1. The ability to purchase crypto now is way better than it was back in early 2010s. Jumping ship to purchase 1 bitcoin. If apps like Coinbase were around back in 2010 I would of purchased some crypto.

    A lot of people heard about bitcoin but were hesitant to buy some due to the hurdles and complexity of purchasing one. I’m not afraid to invest, but I like simplicity when it comes to purchasing anything.

  2. I shouldn’t be surprised that the average income for the respondents is a whopping $111,000 because they have the income to support buying into such a volatile market! The phrase “it takes money to earn money” have never been more true because being secure allows you to take more risks that other people wouldn’t!

  3. Of the respondents who reported that they own crypto:

    * 74% are male
    * 71% are white
    * The average age is 38, and 77% are under the age of 45
    * The average household income is $111,000
    * 52% live in suburban or urban areas
    * 26% live in small towns or rural areas

    Crypto still got a bit of a way to go to diversify.

  4. My stepfather that uses a flip phone was asking about getting into it. Safe to say the general public is at least interested although I feel like a lot will buy off exchanges like RH and never truly own the crypto, they just see the headlines of 10,000% ROI

  5. Hmm, pretty close haha. I’m new to the market though. The ease of purchase was a huge factor for me as well. I have always been interested, but hated the idea of losing the money in a computer crash.



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