2.5 Bitcoin stolen from Mycelium Wallet

So, I saw that BTC hit $60K USD this morning and I thought I would calculate my net worth.

I opened my accounts at Gemini and Kraken, opened my LedgerNano, then opened Coinomi, Electrum, and Mycelium on my phone. My Mycelium wallet shows $0 balance and that the wallet was swept 3 days ago.

TxID b5c5acb52db899f09b6864ffbddeee40e8cce93c2c0873159b3fa9f91e228d32

The thief (may he/she/they rot in hell) looks like they’re washing the coins they steal.

How the hell could this have happened?

My phone has been in my possession all week and my seed phrase is in my home safe as well as encrypted on LastPass.

The purpose of this post is to request ideas on how this may have happened, not to be told that I am a dumbass. Thanks.

Edit: On the blockchain by following the transactions, it looks like the evil bastard has gotten 3 more bitcoins from other people since he stole mine. Link:

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  1. Sorry for your loss. Maybe it was a malware. They recorded your password or seed when you typed it on the computer. Scan your mobile phone and computer for virus.

  2. I’m really sorry to hear this. Glad you’re taking a “could be worse” point of view, because as long as you have your health you can always make money and support yourself.

    It doesn’t sound like this is an issue with Mycelium itself, luckily. They have been around for a very long time and I’ve always had a good experience with them. Still, storing any more than a few hundred dollars worth of Bitcoin on a hot wallet is ill-advised, regardless of the brand.

    I think it’s important to emphasize the weakness in your security strategy which is typing out your seed phrase or storing it on any digital device. It’s very important for anyone reading this to know that you have to store your 12 or 24 word seed phrase on a piece of physical medium only, such as metal, paper, etc. and never type them out or store them online, regardless of how encrypted they are.

    Again, sorry this happened to you.

  3. First of all that really sucks, I hope the thief gets run over or die in car crash. Second I’ve never looked in security on my account. Granted I don’t even have 0.10 btc but still kinda scares me. Only use a trading app on my phone does anyone have any tips for me?

  4. Mobile is still way more secure than desktop IMO. Sandboxed operation seems better to me, which is kind of standard with mobile operation systems. Story is scary however, true or not…

  5. Yeah I don’t believe this story.

    – account is only a couple weeks old, this is the very first post
    – no one would be stupid enough to keep 2.5BTC on a phone instead of a ledger, what the actual f
    – No one would be chill losing 2.5BTC

    This feels more like spreading fear than something else.
    If this is really true, you probably did something way more stupid than just uploading your seed to Lastpass. Which is not very smart by itself, but if you don’t get keylogged (have antivirus/antimalware on a PC on which you don’t do stupid things) and you have 2FA, Lastpass itself is completely safe.

  6. you can just write down on a piece of paper how much bitcoin you have. the lookup the price and so the math yourself.

    for example of you know you have 1 BTC and the price is $60k then you have…. $60k. no need to login ever unless you are buying and selling.

  7. Sorry for your loss.
    But also thank you for sharing this,
    I have a little crypto on an exchange and am quite worried to take it out because of all the week links in dealing with crypto.
    At least reading this post and the comments is helping others understand better what to watch out for.
    I wish more people would share their experiences and expose weak spots.

  8. Sorry man that sucks, hardware wallet only. I’d never had any program on phone or computer that would need to have a seed input onto it. Or you could leave it on a good exchange like Gemini.



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