$200 transaction fees are the naloxone for cryto addicts

How can I gamble away my ETH when swap fees are $200+?

Sure, I can keep stacking ETH and UNI and DOT and LINK. But like any true addict, those don’t excite me anymore. I want to make regrettable decisions buying coins about dogs I’ve never heard about.

I know the ~~dealer~~ network is busy, but that doesn’t help satisfy the itch.


There is something about that feeling you get trading way your hard earned ETH for some absolute garbage that is hard to describe. It feels soo dirty, but exciting at the same time. It makes you look over your shoulder first before confirming the transaction.

But there is no way I’m paying ~10% of my average swap total on fees. It’s one hell of an antidote.

edit: ~$300 swap fees now

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