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1) If you have already got MetaMask installed, go on to step 10, if you don’t have it, go to step 2

2) Set up the MetaMask extension in your browser.

3) Click on on the MetaMask icon to start it.

4) Learn the Privacy Notes and click on “Accept”.

5) Learn the Terms of use and click on “Accept”.

6) Make a password consistng of at the least 8 characters. Enter it within the “New Password (min 8 chars)” feld, then enter it once more within the “Confrm Password” feld.

7) Afer you’ve got entered the password, press the “Make” buton.

8) Copy the 12 phrases which are proven within the “Vault Made” window. We suggest that you simply save them in a fle by clicking the “SAVE SEED WORDS AS FILE” buton. ou can restore access to your ETH wallet with the assistance of those 12 phrases whether it is misplaced.

Atenton! Underneath no pretext must you ever give the password out of your MetaMask wallet and these 12 phrases to anybody. Their transfer will outcome within the lack of all funds in your wallet.

9) Afer you’ve got copied and saved the 12 phrases, click on on the “I’VE COPIED IT SOMEWHERE SAFE” buton.

10) Press the “SEND” buton.

11) Within the higher feld, enter the deal with of the Ubex smart contract — 0x2cc1060de78aa44e3e6a86102fac93f1de49adb2

Only beneath, point out the quantity of Ethereum you want to spend to buy UBEX Tokens. Then press the “NEXT” buton.

12) Within the “CONFIRM TRANSACTION” window, specify GAS LIMIT = 200000 and the Gas Worth at a minimal of 30 Verify that each one the informaton is right and click on “SUBMIT”.

13) ou will likely be redirected to the primary menu of MetaMask. Whenever you click on on a transacton, you can view it on

14) Afer the transacton is granted the “Success” standing on the etherscan, you will note the UBEX Tokens in your private account at inside a couple of minutes.

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