Russian Military Sets up Blockchain Research Center

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According to a report that has been published by a Russian media source, Russia’s defense ministry has set up a dedicated blockchain research center to apply blockchain technology towards the countries fight against cybercrime.

The center will be situated in the ERA Technology Park, and it is believed that utilizing blockchain technology will better enable to the Russian military to identify the origins of any hacking attacks, as well as making databases more secure.

Harder for a hacker to cover his tracks

Anti-virus expert Alexey Malanov of Kaspersky commented in the report that the new technology can help combat the threat of hackers.

“A trespasser often clears the permission log to hide traces of unauthorized access to the device,” he said. “However, if the log is distributed among several devices, for example, via blockchain technology, this risk can be minimized.”

“It’s harder for the hacker to cover his tracks.”

The report stated that blockchain research has already begun with the intention of exploring various ways the technology can assist cyber defense, although the center itself is still under development.

One of the priorities at the center was the development of a team of information security experts, which has now been put in place.

German Klimenko, a former technology advisor to Russian President Vladimir Putin and chairman of the Council of Digital Economic Development has commented that work on blockchain studies has already proven “useful” for the cybersecurity industry of the nation –

Blockchain technology is an effective modern tool,” said Klimenko, “It is already widely used by civil organizations and can be useful to the military.”

The technology is not mature enough

It is still widely believed that blockchain technology is not mature enough at present to be used on a mass scale, with Bank of Russia deputy governor Olga Skorobogatov commenting in May –

“There is still no big industrial solution on distributed ledgers, except for bitcoins,” 

“The technology is not mature enough. It still requires a lot of improvements, both from a security viewpoint and in terms of scalability.”

Russia has slowly and quietly been making progress in the cryptocurrency space this year, with the nations largest bank, Sberbank, announcing plans to open a cryptocurrency exchange in Switzerland.

At present, crypto exchanges are not allowed in Russia, although crypto entrepreneurs are bullish on the future of bitcoin, mining and distributed ledger technology.

Physicist Alexander Ivanov, who founded Russian blockchain platform Waves commented –

“I think blockchain will repeat the history of the internet and probably even be bigger than the internet itself.”

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