A Revolution Controlled By Thought

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The technologies for thoughts transmission are about to enter the mass market, Basis Neuro is indeed successfully continuing its ICO and the future seems now paved for this company and its technology.

What many still do not know or have not yet realized is the enormous impact that this technology will have on the world in the years to come. The first mentally controlled devices will allow the control of key functions of devices such as video games, smartphones, computers, toys etc.

A more advanced function in the advanced development phase will be the user’s interaction with the virtual world, specifically, a virtual reality helmet, equipped with a neural reader. This will allow not only the immersion in a virtual world typical of all VR devices but also the transmission to the game of their commands through the thoughts and the mental state of the player. This means that the computer will perceive the emotional state of the player and the game can thus adapt to his emotions and conditions, changing the plot accordingly, to ensure the player a more immersive and interactive game experience. The physical controllers will then become superfluous.

The control of your home is another interesting feature that this technology allows. From the lights that adapt to mood, the temperature that suits the sensations and the mentally selectable background music. There will no longer be a need for switches, but only Bluetooth reception devices. In a probable future, appliance manufacturers will integrate receptors and functions that promote interaction with mind control within their products, thus increasing the home’s control capabilities.

The medical sector is currently one of Basis Neuro’s primary objectives. Helping all those who have mobility problems is the natural prerogative of this technology. To this end, a thought-controlled wheelchair has already been extensively tested, and it is quite simple to use this technology to be able to type on a computer without the use of any movement. A future use will be the control of artificial limbs directly with thoughts.

It is easy to imagine a future in which all electronic devices will be mentally controlled and the surrounding world will automatically adapt to our wishes and needs. This means a huge business volume that potentially can involve all manufacturers of electronic equipment.

From thought to digital

To improve the performance of neural interfaces, Basis Neuro laboratories will need further brainwave studies to create increasingly efficient understanding algorithms necessary for the recognition of increasingly complex and specific commands. The more users will send their brain data, the faster these algorithms will be implemented.

To this end, all investors and users of the Basis Neuro platform can send their own data on brain activity in exchange for BNST, Basis Neuro tokens, which will not only be tradable with other crypts on various exchanges but they can be used on the Basis Neuro platform for multiple activities.

It is interesting the use that the platform Basis Neuro will have a sort of hub for all investors and developers who want to use the mental control technology to develop their products, services and then market them under their own brand.

It is the beginning of a technological revolution, which over time will replace all physical control devices, leading to mental communication and a new level of human-machine interaction.

For more information and to purchase tokens just go to the website: https://ico.basisneuro.com/ and to get in direct contact with the community and the Basis Neuro group you can use the Telegram channels https://t.me/basisneurocom

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