A Revolutionary Gold-Backed Cryptocurrency Hits the Market

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Some investors are up in arms over choosing the best, up-and-coming ICOs available in the market. If you sat and scrutinized over each and every cryptocurrency available, you could possibly miss out on the best opportunities. Mainly, because there are so many out there to choose from. Currently, there are approximately over 1500 cryptocurrencies in the market and these numbers aren’t showing any signs of dwindling.

In the late 2000s, when Bitcoin first emerged, it was easy for investors to decide which ICO to choose because there weren’t many out in the playing field. Today, however, the market has changed and it can be quite a challenge to choose the right one.

So, what is this new revolutionary cryptocurrency?

It’s known as VEIAG

Behind VEIAG is a global organization dedicated to the development and implementation of value-based business projects around the world. The foundational element of all VEIAG projects are the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals — the universal call to action to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure that all people enjoy peace and prosperity.


Creating Security and Stability for Investors

What separates VEIAG from other cryptocurrencies? They aim to create security and continual stream of income for investors. Unfortunately, this had not been a top priority for some companies. This is one of many reasons why some cryptocurrencies have come and gone over the past few years.

VEIAG promises to deliver results by solidifying investors portfolios with a real time, gold-backed cryptocurrency. They propose to allocate 25% of all organizations profits into conversion of gold bullion to directly back VEIAG token. They also vehemently support responsible investing that maximizes the positive effect that lucrative investments can have on society and the environment.

The Ability to Produce Competitive Business Projects

VEIAG team puts a great deal of emphasis on strategic planning, implementation, management and proper training. The goal is to create controlled environments where locals can not only collaborate in creation of new enterprises, but also take ownership of their operations in an environmentally sustainable manner.

Learn more about VEIAG at www.veiag.com

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