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What is Bithereum?
It is an upcoming hard fork of Bitcoin that aims to do what no other coin has done. By combining the visions of both Bitcoin and Ethereum, Bithereum aims to be an unparalleled peer-to-peer digital currency structured around Proof of Stake consensus. Bithereum represents two chains in one coin; by hard-forking Bitcoin, and hard-spooning Ethereum to reward them with BTH, Bithereum will be the world’s first hard-spork.

What is the total supply?
The total supply of Bithereum will be around 31 million coins to account for the total BTC supply plus additional coins to account for ETH holders. This amount will be subject to change based on the ETH to BTC ratio at the time of the snapshot. For example, the supply will be increased if the ratio becomes more favorable for ETH when the snapshot is taken and vice versa.

When Hard Fork?
 The hard fork will occur on or around block 543,000, or late-September. Exact block number and date/time will be revealed soon.

Steps on how to earn Bithereum coins:
1.) Chat with Telegram bot

Make sure to follow the steps provided by the bot. If the bot’s response is super slow and delayed, it just means that there are so many people using it at the same time so please be patient.

2. Join Bithereum Telegram group

Before we proceed on step #2, let us first create/generate Bithereum wallet address. Go to their website and click generate address.

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