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Eversystem Inc. in Japan has been launched a block chain game named “Crypto Ninja” on July 31, 2018. This game has considerably challenging system on the Ethereum network. That is, main processes are fully coded by smart contracts and standard single page web game application interface using JavaScript. Applied game engine is Cocos2d-js. Since the game has various challenges as a block chain game, let me introduce them. At first, I will show the overview of this game.

Game overview

Player can play this game in two ways. One is setting a reward to the castle, setting up a trap and waiting for a ninja. if another player’s ninja fail to sneak the player will get one-half of the reward. The other is, choosing another player’s opened castle and one of owned ninjas and sneak the castle. The trap affect the ninja’s HP decreased. If the ninja succeed the player will get rewards and if failed has to pay half of the reward. After the sneaking, traps that the ninja passed through are released. Players can see the information and choose the castle to sneak, so the probability of success will increases later and later.

How to play the game

Install the MetaMask plugin on your Chrome or Firefox browser on your PC and sign-in to Mainnet of the Ethereum. Then go to the Crypto Ninja site, the game screen will appear.

User registration

User registration is required, but the name is optional. To avoid useless transactions, no checks are applied for duplicates. In the future, it will be used in the ranking site. However, in the game, it is managed with the wallet address.

Buy EverGold

Players can purchase EverGold (EG) in-game currency using ETH. The price is 0.001ETH per EG. Player can get some extra when buying many EG.

Purchase of Castle, Ninja and Traps

Players can purchase castles, ninjas, and traps using EG. If you want to play as a guard buy a castle and traps, and if you want to play as an attacker buy a ninja.

Guarding play

After choosing the target castle, the trap setup screen will appear. Set rewards and set traps to arbitrary positions. Installation is completed, then push the Guard button and wait for another player’s ninja attack.

Attacking play

After choosing a castle to attack and choose a ninja to attack, you will see a screen that will decide the sneaking route. Using the arrow buttons, players can control the direction of the ninja’s progress. Routing is over when reaching the top, then pushing the Attack button and wait the result of battle of sneaking. It may take much time for the sneaking process to complete. You can check the sneaking results on the ninja list screen. Regarding the result, we hold the attack result information for one attack per a ninja. If processing is not finished yet, it will show the previous result. Of course, there is no result if you have not attack ever.


Now I outlined the new block chain game “CryptoNinja” here. Next time I would like to discuss its contents such as program structure and system configuration.

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