The strength of the EVENT platform in compare with Ethereum

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Many technologies related to crypto-currencies are open to all comers, so that the ability to navigate in a complex cryptocurrency environment, correctly behave in a situation of inevitable compromise, have a clear vision of the future, be able to formulate and move to it. In general, talent, critical thinking and the ability to achieve results are always in price.

Having dealt with competition, it is necessary to study in detail the main advantages of our cryptocurrency product.

1. Very low commission;

2. Instant transfers;

3. Safety, reliability, security;

4. Ability to send microtransactions;

5. Supranational system;

6. Market pricing;

7. Expanding the coverage of financial services.

This is not all, but the main advantages of the EVEN platform.

And finally, for those who already know people, in the field of crypto currency, we will talk about the use of fiat currencies.

Fiat currencies appeared during the transformation of the economic system, when the exchange of goods was replaced by the use of a universal means to pay for something — money.

The EVEN platform is the powerful tool for creation of services and products intended for practical application in the sphere of financial technologies. The platform is developed by the EVEN Foundation team which is concentrated on a solution of the problem of safe storage of means and creations of the decentralized cryptocurrency exchange, according to the characteristics surpassing all former decisions in this sphere. Due to above-mentioned signs, the EVEN platform can be considered quite competitive and to put on one step with Ethereum.

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