Why Sentinel Protocol partnering with Zippie is good for blockchain

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Cryptocurrencies and dapps may be immutable, but with that come risks. If transactions go wrong, there’s no insurance to back you up. What’s more, wrongdoers are sometimes untraceable. Happily, you need not worry, thanks to Zippie OS partner, Sentinel Protocol. This project aims to help us solve one of the paradoxes of the decentralised world, managing security while maintaining our freedom from centralised power.

So, what exactly does Sentinel Protocol do?

Sentinel Protocol is developing an arsenal of techniques to thwart enemies in a decentralised world where users work without the upside of the traditional financial system: regulation and distribution of risk for fraud. With Sentinel Protocol, users will be able to spot fraudulent transactions thanks to an applied machine learning system that seeks outliers in the patterns of the regular flow of payments and dapp activity. Furthermore, Sentinel Protocol can isolate dapps into containers, on a decentralised cluster, and analyse their behaviour, while compensating the security professionals and companies involved.

2. What’s Sentinel Protocol’s ultimate goal and how does it aim to accomplish that?

Skeptics like to paint a picture of decentralised technology as a path leading us straight towards a post-apocalyptic Mad Max world. That is, compared to institutions like the credit card ecosystem, which for decades has been forced by regulation to be good at spotting fraudulent transactions. Because credit card issuers are good at validating transactions, you don’t need to show an ID for each and every payment of borrowed money that you spend. Financial institutions are insured and all parties are made whole in case of fraud. Sentinel Protocol aims to use all the emerging technology available to us today to build a decentralised world where threats are spotted and fought, all due to changing the incentives in the information security market.

Currently, traditional cybersecurity companies largely treat threat intelligence as proprietary information that gives an edge over competitors. But bad actors act under different premises entirely. They share a lot of information amongst themselves without any threat to business. Sentinel Protocol aims to free the security industry from their current shackles by compensating for threat intelligence work that can be shared with the world at large. While human security professionals will do the essential assessments of threats and perform adjustments to protection, regular users will be able to contribute to the platform by submitting samples.

3. Why is Sentinel Protocol a perfect partner for Zippie?

Does any of the above sound a lot like “anti-virus for the Blockchain and dapp space”? We think it does. Who has a platform aiming to make the Blockchain and dapp concept ready for the mainstream? Well, we do.

That’s why we aim to integrate aspects of Sentinel Protocol with our platform. In short, we want to provide users the benefit of a machine learning driven system that brings down risk. This makes cryptocurrencies and dapps a lower-risk, increasingly viable path for businesses and your man on the street.

4. What are we doing together with Sentinel Protocol right now?

Currently, our tech team, headed by CTO Carsten Munk, is working on getting those Sentinel smarts working for our community. As challenges with cryptocurrency exchanges have shown, there’s a lot of small things to get right in software architecture for systems like these. So, as we described in our previous status report, it’s an ongoing part of Zippie’s development.

In the meantime, if you have any questions about our partnership, be sure to head on over to our Telegram channel, where our CTO and developers are, as ever, happy to help. You can also follow our progress and join our community on Twitter, Reddit and YouTube.

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