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Do you remember those big books full of addresses and phone numbers? Yes, just the Yellow Pages: they could get a new life.

Welcome back to our Friday column: here’s a brief recap of the most interesting news from the crypto world.

BMW for automotive applications of the blockchain technology

BMW announces the development of a new project aimed to apply blockchain technology to the company’s financial sector, involving services such as leasing and payment financing.

The news comes just a few months from the agreement signed by BMW with other large automotive companies — General Motors, Renault and Ford — and that led to the creation of the MOBI — Mobility Open Blockchain Initiative consortium, with the aim of studying the possible applications of the blockchain to the mobility sector.

NASDAQ, new data collected in the Analytics Hub

A new tool for advanced analysis dedicated to crypto trading: this is the novelty of NASDAQ, the stock market in New York. The new product — already under test — should be able to hypothesize the crypto market trend and predict the movements, thanks to the data collected in its Analytics Hub.

Photograph by William Whitehurst/Corbis

IBM joins the project of “decentralized Yellow Pages”

IBM believes in the project to reproduce the Yellow Pages in Blockchain version: it has announced that it will participate in “Unbounded Registry”, the project launched by HACERA. The goal is to create a decentralized registry that combines permissioned and permissionless blockchain through a blockchain networks directory.

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