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Today I want to introduce you to a campaign like Konios.

Today with the introduction of kriptovindustrii in various spheres of people’s lives, a great work is being done to introduce a blokchain to facilitate our life. Crypto currency is increasingly used by mankind. We are standing on the verge of big changes that are taking place in the world of information technology. Scalability, nevertheless, leaves much to be desired, and the cost of transactions is quite high, but work is under way, and humanity is inevitably moving towards a new era — the Digital Money Era. And now it is already unthinkable to imagine a world without blokchain technologies.

But now there is a pressing problem of converting the fiat into a crypto currency. To help us comes the company Konios!

What can I tell you about the Konios project? The Konios platform removes all intermediaries that participate when a person wants to acquire a crypto currency in exchange with fiat. Now let’s understand how on this platform there will be a flow of operations between users.

The Konios platform will be based on the ethereum block chain to ensure transparency of transactions and decentralization from central authorities that have always made difficult travel for crypto-massive investors. The Konios platform will offer the safest platform for cash exchange and crypto. The solution of the company for local and digital exchange of all FIAT and cryptography with all the unique and decentralized is provided by Konios Blockchain.

What exactly is the solution to the Konios:

-F2F: secure and anonymous personal cash transactions for crypto currency. (Cash / Crypto)

-Swap: digital change of any password pairs. (Crypto / Crypto)

-Trading platform: it’s easy to buy and sell commercial goods and services in cash and crypto currencies. (Products, Services / Cash, Crypto)

The main advantages of the project are prostate and reliability, expressed in principle F2F and allowing for quick and safe transactions between platform participants. There are no commission payments on the site, which, of course, is extremely beneficial for both sides of the process.

A little more about Konios Wallet

One purse is for all coins and all activities. Safely. Fast. Just. Security of the user portfolio is in the focus of the development team. Thus, a diversified structure of the purse was provided. On the one hand, access to relevant information is provided in the traditional form, as well as in cooperation with other providers and developers of purses. The main characteristic is the individual attitude and the necessary resources for a possible serious attack.

To achieve its goals, the development team conducts ICO, in order to attract investors for the development of the platform and its further promotion.

Token Sale ends on September 30, 2018, so hurry to take part in it.

The project team conducts the initial placement of tokens — KON. They will be used for internal operations inside the platform.

Name of the token: KON

Platform: Ethereum

Cost for ICO: 1 KON = 0.01 USD

Accepted: ETH, BTC, BNB

Minimal investment: 10 USD

Soft cap: 100 000 USD

Hard cap: 29,000,000 USD

Konios will use the ERC20 markers, which are generated by a smart contract on ECH’s blockbuster.

Details on the stages of the project development can be found from its road map, which is given below:

More information on all the information you can find on the project website and in Whitepaper:

Website: https://konios.com


Whitepaper: https://konios.com/#whitepaper-sec


Also all news about the project can be learned from the social sites of the project:

Telegram: https://t.me/koniosofficial

Twitter: https://twitter.com/KoniosOfficial

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/konios.social/

ANN Theard: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3128951

Bounty Theard: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4492377.0

In conclusion, Konios is here to create simple solutions for people who want to invest in the crypto industry. Its platform will offer an easy way to buy and sell crypto currency and fiat money whenever you want. The company believes that the restrictions and regulations are bad for the market blockchain, because they will return the industry from growth, so the solution is deregulation.

And I was happy to help you today.

The bitcointalk profile: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1608822

bitcointalk username: maryyny

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