Feedback from EOS Nation talk: WPS Emergency Committee

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Hello Everyone,

Based on feedback received from Yves La Rose of EOS Nation concerning our video interview on 8 September 2018, I thought I should take some time to assuage and reassure.

The Emergency Committee budget is poorly defined.

Yes, it is. In part that was by design and a conscious decision. Lacking real data and experience it seemed best to give reasonable but rough figures to start and to refine as we get real numbers. Please remember we will publish our spending on a monthly basis and return all unused budget at the end of the Committee’s life, for either re-use or burning.

The Emergency Committee needs clearer roles and responsibilities.

This one is a head scratcher or me. No one has done this before so we are going to be setting many of the guidelines and best practices as situations arise. There are so many unknown unknowns right now. That said though, we have published fairly extensive documentation. If you click through the links HERE for the Emergency Committee Proposal, you will see at the bottom links to both the Emergency Committee Charter and the duties for Administrative Assistants. There is probably too much info there!

It is unclear whether the honorarium is to be paid in EOS or some other coin.

Really? We are discussing EOS; of course it is to be paid in EOS.

Some people foresee the Emergency Committee becoming the Oversight Committee (if the Oversight category is eventually run by committee.)

The Emergency Committee is made up of individuals who will have gained important and beneficial experience and will possess priceless institutional knowledge. Should any of these individuals put themselves forward as future candidates for roles in the governance of any of the Categories I would think that a good thing. Alas, I expect that the experience of holding such a visible and thankless job may drive some of them away from seeking future leadership roles.

As for the possibility of the emergency committee morphing as a whole into the oversight category governance, that is impossible. The Emergency Committee must continue to function in part until each of the five categories has a governance in place. And I personally would discourage any sitting members of the Emergency Committee from putting themselves forward as candidates for anything that could be perceived as a conflict. Again, please take a look at the charter, as it is fairly explicit on matters of conflict or appearance of conflict.

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