CoinReport Ambrosus, NDS to track premium quality beef sold by Mega Mart

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View from Zugerberg to Zug and Steinhausen, Switzerland. Ambrosus is located at Gotthardstrasse 26, 6300, Zug.

Worldwide decentralized blockchain and IoT platform Ambrosus has teamed up with NDS, a subsidiary of Korean food producer Nongshim, to trace and track the premium quality beef that food retailer Mega Mart sells, according to a press release CoinReport received from Wachsman, Ambrosus’ PR company.

Ambrosus is going to utilize the AMB-NET blockchain in order to lead the way in breakthrough beef traceability model in Mega Mart, which will allow for the partners of the retailer to get complete data on the past and shipping of each piece of beef easily. The teamwork is going to add a crucial layer of transparency and quality assurance to a traditionally intricate supply chain.   

“Cooperating with NDS for this Proof-of-Concept is mutually beneficial to both companies, as the PoC will provide consumers with much needed information about the quality and origin of their beef products,” said Ambrosus co-founder and CEO Angel Versetti in the news release we received. “Ambrosus is looking forward to building an end-to-end solution for Mega Mart’s beef supply chain, and to demonstrate the flexibility and efficiency of Ambrosus’ blockchain and IoT platform. Ambrosus is proud to pioneer this beef traceability solution in cooperation with the NDS.”

Utilizing distributed ledger technology, the decentralized blockchain and IoT platform will be formally in charge of identifying and tracking all of Mega Mart’s beef. Moreover, Ambrosus is going to organize the data from each cut of meat into a consumer-directed application, developed to enable trust and boost customer satisfaction. A QR code will allow for easy access to information regarding the specific cow, its origin, the veterinarian’s health check of the meat and the product’s transportation conditions, enabling monitoring of the temperature, quality and location of Korean beef.

NDS CEO Joong-Won Kim stated, “We are pleased to announce this strategic collaboration with Ambrosus, as it allows NDS to remain on the cutting edge of current technological solutions. With the Ambrosus Network, NDS will be able to demonstrate the quality and origin of a variety of premium beef products in order to build consumer trust with much needed transparency. For the first time, blockchain technology can be leveraged to practically improve Korean food standards, especially for all customers of Mega Mart.”

Ambrosus has also recently teamed up with French flavoring firm PREMIUM Goods to utilize IoT and blockchain to deliver transparency and proof-of-quality to Madagascar bourbon vanilla.

The Ambrosus mainnet launched in July.

Image credit – Baikonur  (CC BY-SA 3.0)

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