How ThorBlock leverages the power of Arkane API to build blockchain apps

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Recently ThorBlock, a VeChain dapp under the Safe Haven umbrella, was launched. Thorblock is one of the first live applications with Arkane integration. This article explains how ThorBlock is leveraging the power of Arkane Network.

⚠️ Spoiler alert – Demo at the bottom of the article

Safe Haven wants the consumers of ThorBlock to experience a very user-friendly blockchain interface when creating or joining a crypto-pool, to this end, ThorBlock uses following components:

  • Authentication
  • Wallet provisioning
  • Transaction handling

Authentication 🔐

Arkane users can use their Arkane account to log into ThorBlock, and ThorBlock users can do the same in Arkane. The integration goes so far that if a user is authenticated in ThorBlock they don’t even need to log into Arkane. This is achieved by making use of a technique called Single Sign-On. If Safe Haven continues to apply the same authentication strategy in all of their products, their users would only need to sign in once to be logged in on all of them, the same applies for signing out.

Wallet provisioning 💳

Making blockchain apps more user-friendly is a goal both Safe Haven and Arkane Network have in common. Consumers can sign up in ThorBlock using a social account. Arkane will detect if the user has a VeChain wallet, and if not it, a wallet will be created one on the fly.

By using the “automagical” 🌟 wallet creation feature, Safe Haven can onboard new users to access their products with ease.

Transaction handling 🔗

Most of the blockchain users are able to find their way into creating a wallet, but asking them to perform a transaction on the blockchain still seems a bridge too far. On VeChain, a young eco-system, it is a bit more complicated as there is less tooling available to support its ecosystem. Arkane Network is solving this problem by providing a set of API’s that application developers can use to make blockchain transactions on VeChain available in their DAPPS. ThorBlock is a perfect example of how blockchain apps should interact with end users.

Below is a small gif that shows some parts of the functionality Arkane brings to ThorBlock.

Arkane integrated into ThorBlock

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