CoinPulse Weekly Trading Competition Results are in!

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💥CoinPulse Exchange Weekly Trading Competition Results💥

The second week of our weekly competition ended on November 2nd at 6 AM UTC. This is a regular weekly competition, so if you missed it, don’t worry you can still participate for current weekly competition, click here for more details:

The following are winners of Week #2:

1) frang***
2) ama***
3) jb2***
4) just***
5) ozand****

Congratulations all winners! If you are in our telegram group, please acknowledge, which will encourage others to participate as well!

Also, note that 5,000 CPEX tokens have already been distributed to above users.

Remember your purchases on swap page also counts towards your volume of $500 required to win.

If you have turned on your discount feature, then it costs almost nothing to you in participating and winning prizes.

The goal of this contest is to gain the required volume for CoinPulse to qualify for listing on CMC.

So let’s not wait and bring all your orders from other exchanges and start trading on CoinPulse. Ask your friends as well to do the same.

Our exchange UI is best among all. Easy to follow. We are built on highly-secured infrastructure. Our servers follow the same architecture as Coinbase, so don’t hesitate to spread the word! The time will reward you handsomely.

CoinPulse Team

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