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We are extremely delighted to announce that the ARAW ICO has been running reasonably well even in this worst market. We have had so many amazing partnerships with many projects around the world and we have made tremendous progress in ARAW mobile apps which supposed to go live soon.

ICO End Date Extension

We have been doing well but to make ARAW token vision success; we must reach the hard-cap and raise funds in fiat. We are expecting some good private investments coming through Equity options.

We have noticed that no other projects doing well in this market no matter how good the project is. Hence, ARAW team and with community interest, decided to extend the ICO date until 15th Feb 2019 with 10% Bonus. ARAW has been finalised to be listed on 3–5 Exchanges and we have been discussion with one of the top 10 Exchanges to list ARAW token after the ICO as soon as possible.

Token Distribution

  • ARAW token pre-sale and ICO contributors will commence on 10th Nov and all contributors would receive their ARAW tokens in 25th Nov. All new contributors will receive their tokens immediately.
  • Airdrop and Bounty Token distribution will start after the ICO i.e. 15th Feb 2019. We want to thank all Airdrop and Bounty participants, and would appreciate their patience as it will be good for them to have Tokens during bull market which is expected early next year.






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