Azbit Joined the CV Summit

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Three largest summits in a week? Done! Azbit continues the great crypto journey. We started in Zurich, Switzerland at the Crypto Summit 2018, which brought together more than 2,000 delegates from all over the world. Then Azbit went to Malta, one of the most crypto-friendly countries. Our co-founder and CEO Max Zmitrovich and VP of Sales and Partnership Yulia Gushchina have successfully presented the Azbit project at the Malta Blockchain Summit. The event gathered more than 5,000 people: global influencers, top experts, speakers, investors, and entrepreneurs.

Directly from Malta, the Azbit team came back to Switzerland — but this time to Zug. A small town on the shore of Lake Zug has been known as an international center of trade and services for 70 years. And in recent years it has turned into a Crypto Valley as nowadays Switzerland is one of the largest ICO hubs.

The CV Summit was held on November 7, in Zug, in the heart of the Crypto Valley. It gathered 70 speakers and 900 attendees. Its organizers invited a unique list of participants, bringing together major representatives of the traditional financial industry and innovators who specialize in blockchain. It is not surprising that the central topic of the event was “Serious? Serious! 10 years after the financial crisis, can Blockchain lead the way?”.


How can blockchain technology be used in the real economy? Will it be the future? What is the best financing scheme for startups? How can you attract investors? What is the future of coins? Those were only a few of the questions and topics that the Summit participants discussed during the day.

Azbit was glad to be part of such a large-scale event, to meet industry fellows and discuss the prospects for the development of the crypto and blockchain industry. See you soon, Crypto Valley!

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