A decentralized exchange for the cryptocurrency community

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EOSex: A decentralized exchange for the cryptocurrency community


The trade for eos by eos and for the eos individuals. The volume and unpredictability in return standard is being re-imagined by the development of a trade that backings eos blockchain, of which EOSex happens to be an essential key to this factor. EOSex accompanied a marking that is effectively not quite the same as what we use to have and even the name alone demonstrates a full help for the EOS blockchain. With being a worldwide one quit exchanging stage we are additionally legitimate in exchanging quality resources, with a sheltered ,reasonable and straightforward biological community appropriate for a circulated administration framework for cryptographic forms of money and tokens for monetary derivates and making an advanced exchanging stage fit for assuming control over the world budgetary framework.

What is EOSex?

EOSex is building a global one-stop trading platform for quality assets. They intend to provide a safe, fair, and transparent digital asset trading platform for the blockchain industry. They will creating an ecosystem built on distributed governance system that not only allows for the trading of cryptocurrencies but the trading of tokenized financial derivative products, making for a complete digital trading platform that can access the world.

EOSex is powered by distributed computing technology to improve the overall performance of the platform. In this technology, workloads are divided into sub-tasks and feed to several computers for processing leading to the platform being able to handle large trading volumes and large unexpected variations in trading volume efficiently.

Leveraging the blockchain technology makes the EOSex trading platform more secure and stable. An instance is a mechanism put in place to harness assets withdrawals without encountering any issues relating to theft or loss of funds.

Why is EOSex??

EOSex will be solving two main problems currently facing the cryptotrading industry, one of them beingCryptoexchanges – is a high-tech centre in which all trade transactions are conducted on the basis of modern computer software created on the basis of the latest information technology solutions.
The emergence of new forms and types of currencies, in particular, cryptocurrency, led to the rapid development of the world economy as a whole. In turn, structural changes in the international economic system gave impetus to the emergence and development of new types of exchange technologies. Thus, crypto exchanges appeared, which allowed its participants anywhere in the world to buy, sell and exchange one cryptocurrency for others, or for currencies of other states.

Each crypto exchange offers customers convenient ways to transfer digital assets, and also provides the ability to conduct transactions on its own terms.
High rates of development and distribution of cryptocurrency, which are based on the blockchain, as well as widespread acceptance of the world community and leading economists, ensures the further improvement of exchange technologies. This means that in an effort to provide the most comfortable conditions for their clients, each crypto exchange will take them to an even higher quality level of service.

EOSex is building a global one-stop trading platform for quality assets. We intend to provide a safe, fair, and transparent digital asset trading platform for the blockchain industry.

Here’s how it works.

After every 15 days, EOSex will send out a list of quality tokens — projects that are being considered for listing. At that point supporters of the mentioned projects will need to deposit tokens into the EOSex platform. This helps judge demand. At the end of the exercise the project with the highest quantity of tokens will get listed for trade.


*Trouble of being recorded.
*Accessibility of good marketing.
*Presentation of greater unpredictability in digital money showcase.
*Making of additionally exchanging sets.
*Shaping of all the more exchanging sets will make more volumes.
*More Exposure to EOS blockchain.
*Low exchange expenses.
*Simplicity of exchanges.
*Quickest and most effortless exchange work out.
*Cutting edge innovation for demonstrating high caliber and elite exchanging stage.

EOSex will likewise acknowledge different tokens exchanged the stage that is not really EOS based.




What’s more, EOS based tokens and furthermore more will be included as the advancement proceeds.

*Favorable circumstances

*Stores of USDT as edge.

*Accessible influences.

*Exchanging assorted variety and scope of items accessible.


A sum of 10 million EOSex evidence will be accessible and furthermore incorporated into the private deals and the group has their tokens bolted and the ones issued to EOSex people group.

*5% goes to referral rewards.
*5% for counselor hold.
*10% for network advancement.
*25% for mining.
*25% for undertaking group.
*30% for establishing financial specialists.

Superb Team

Team behind EOSex

Road map

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