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With the recent closing of their successfully conducted crowdsale, Enkronos announced a total of $12.6 million USD worth of ENK tokens sold to all of their participants on 20th of November 2018; making them one of the most successful projects for the year 2018.

Enkronos is a platform where you can create your own application on the blockchain in the easiest way possible. This platform also enables content creators to publish their applications on a common cloud-based environment and get a feedback from other people. Basically, users will have their own dashboard and people can comment on their content.

Not only Enkronos successfully ended their crowdsale, But also Enkronos apps are not just a mere words on a whitepaper and a website. Several of their apps are already online since 15th of May 2018. Here are some of the Enkronos apps already available online:


Google AdWords? Facebook? Twitter? When it comes to SEO quality, user friendliness, and efficiency, this one is the perfect app to use.

McAudience is a simple app that helps us choose the right keywords and tags that will show us the audience we wanted to create. There are already an existing McAudience trending topics to choose from that will make our campaign more visible to a vast quantity and the best quality of audience. A fast audience builder indeed! Do you want to know more about McAudience? Visit the website here

Loyalty Venue

This one is a user friendly loyalty solutions app that will enable us to utilize a unique loyalty program for our business; giving highest rates of customer retention and increase spending.

Web traffic and visits are one of the most important factors for an online business’ success. Loyalty venue will surely maximize the increase of web visits to our business because of the reason that it will help us merchants strengthen our relationship with our customers and allow us to gather data that matter. Thus, securing customer loyalty for merchants like us. Knowing your customer needs is the key to customer loyalty. Do you want to know more about Loyalty Venue? Visit the website here


Enkronos gives utmost importance to user efficiency and convenience — like this one, an easy to use step-by-step app that gives us the opportunity to build our own landing page that will provide our customers the best engaging experience when a new product is released using unique codes, contests, surveys, and other unique participation types that we can think about.

YourGamify will help us conduct contests on social media like Facebook that will boost customer’s social media presence and activity. This app will also enable us to give our customers FREE tokens for our ICO or as a reward for their active participation. Making it both addictive and beneficial for our customers is the key! Do you want to know more about YourGamify? Visite the website here

Visit the Enkronos website here:

Visit the website of Enkronos successful ICO here:

Read Enkronos white paper here:

Bounty0x: TsarBomba

Disclaimer: This article was created in exchange for a potential token reward through Bounty0x

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