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TRON (TRX) to Enter the Gaming Industry with Investing 100 Million Dollars in TRON Arcade Gaming

Ever since the mainnet launch that took place back at the end of June 2018, TRON foundation is pitching major development plans while going towards the establishment of Web 3.0.

By far, the foundation acquired BitTorrent that should play a major role in the new decentralized internet that TRX is planning on bringing with blockchain and TRON (TRX), but is also focused on entering the gaming industry.

Besides from Dapp creation and the building of the decentralized internet, TRON foundation is also focused on bringing the new standard for the existing gaming industry, once again with the help of blockchain.

This time, TRON has made a significant announcement by revealing a 3-year long development plan regarding the development of TRON gaming platform through a project called TRON Arcade.

TRON Arcade will receive 100 million dollars for the three years of development as one of the most significant projects for the foundation.

TRON and the Gaming Industry: 100 Million Dollars Invested in TRON Arcade

TRON foundation hosted their first game ever back in January 2018, months before TRX foundation was able to announce their independence with the mainnet release.

Back at the time, the game called Magic Academy, which is a product of BitGuild, was hosted as the first game on TRON system and was said to be the first idle game on blockchain as stated by Justin Sun.

BitGuild aims to bring true ownership of in-game items to gamers, so their product made a good starting point for TRON on the road of blockchain based gaming development.

Less than a year later, TRON foundation is announcing a major project for the gaming industry, powered by TRON and 100 million dollars that are to fund the project in the course of the next 3 years.

TRON Arcade is said to push the gaming industry forward and should join the mass expansion of the industry that took 70 billion since 2007 alone, still going through an accelerated expansion due to the increased demand.

What is the Main Goal of TRON Accelerator

The head of business at TRON foundation stated during the presentation and the launching of the project TRON Arcade that this project should bring blockchain to the mass market, which is the ultimate goal at the same time.

The aim is to make virtual reality more accessible in the gaming industry, which can be done with blockchain as confirmed by the team. The 100 million dollars should cover the entire project from the start to end and should bring more innovation to the blockchain and the gaming world likewise.

This project should also increase awareness on how blockchain can contribute to the further development of technology, also consequently affecting the adoption of TRX currency.

At the same time, TRON Arcade should make a one step closer towards creating a new decentralized internet that should, as stated by Justin Sun, revolutionize the way we use the internet today.

It is considered that Web 3.0 will make a greater boom than the internet when it first arrived.

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