Learn how these 5 influencers consistently beat the market

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“Risk comes from not knowing what you’re doing”

-Warren Buffet

If you’ve looked at the crypto markets lately, I’m sure you’ve asked yourself “how can I possibly make money in these markets?” Despite this, there always seems to be a select few that are able to profit no matter what the market is doing. So how do they do it?

We believe the key to consistent performance, when trading in any market, is continued education coupled with a framework for consistent and disciplined decision making. Investors must not only understand market dynamics and the nuances of trading, but have the tools to deeply analyze their past decisions so they can improve going forward.

To assist with this, we’ve compiled a list (in no particular order) of some of the most consistent and disciplined traders, who are not only consistent with their trading but consistently produce high quality content.

1. Erik Crown — Krown’s Crypto Cave

Erik Crown is an ex NYSE options market maker who has since become a full time cryptocurrency trader. He offers live video tutorials, which can be anything from opening/closing a trade, understanding TA, to understanding risk metrics. For a more directed experience, you can sign up for his trading modules, which go deeper into his process and how he makes money over and over again.

Find the modules here:


2. CryptoCred

CryptoCred is a popular twitter influencer with over 100k followers. He will post anything from trading calls to general trading education. He recently launched an education google docs page which goes through his investment process and particular pitfalls to avoid when trading.

Find CryptoCred’s educational resources here:


3. Nic Trades

Nicola has been trading Forex and commodities for over 10 years, 4 of which have been as a wall street analyst. Recently getting involved in cryptocurrency, she has transitioned her old school teachings to new school markets. Educational resources offered range from daily calls, to a dedicated strategy group on Facebook.

Find Nicolas educational resources here:


4. Tone Vays

As a past VP at JPMorgan, Tone has experience analyzing economics trends, trading spot and derivative markets as well as managing risk. He now focuses on trading in the cryptocurrency markets and is active in advising blockchain based firms. He overs educational resources ranging from daily calls to general overviews on both YouTube and his dedicated website.

Find Tone Vays educational resources here:


5. Chris Burniske

Chris is Ex-head of Ark invest and current partner @placeholderVC, which focuses on distributed networks. He can often be found debating with influencers and fellow traders on twitter. Chris can be credited with creating the first network transaction valuation models and has Co – Authored works with Jack Tatar on the cryptocurrency investment process.

Find Chris Burniske education resources here:


Just the start

When perfecting any skill, you must first study the information, and then test your own knowledge by putting it into practice. In school, this is done by reading textbooks, taking tests, and reviewing the answers you got wrong.

While the educational resources above are a tremendous first step in actually learning how to trade, the lack of tools for performance testing, limits the ability of a trader to grow. Without understanding why a trade went against you, it is impossible to fix your process to improve for the future.

That being said, there is a tool which helps traders record and analyze historical trading behavior.

Dcrypt Trade Journal

After becoming frustrated with excel spreadsheets, and solutions that didn’t understand the nuances of the crypto markets, we decided to build our own trade journal into the Dcrypt platform. We believe this feature will allow traders to systematize the teachings of the people above. A trader using the Dcrypt trade journal will be able to:

  • Analyze historical PnL on a position and trade level
  • Analyze past indicators associated with each trade/position
  • Associate emotions with each trade
  • Break trade analysis out for different strategies and time periods
  • Associate market data with trades to determine decision

Currently, we are rolling this feature out to a private beta group. If you’re interested in obtaining early access please reach out to jack.trunz@dcrypt.io

We are very excited for the things to come and will keep the community updated on how everything progresses. We wish our users and the crypto community the best of luck in the coming months.

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