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DAGT Crypto Lending Weekly Update

DAGT, we are more than a token.

Technical progress
Mobile top-up service released on the DAGT dApp
DAGT dApp English version development completed
Simplified the identity verification procedure on the DAGT dApp
Optimized the pledge and investment procedures
Optimized other functions and procedures

Product progress
Mobile top-up function available with the DAGT token on the dApp
New functions in development on the DAGT dApp version 1.2
DAGT Crypto lending website in development

Ecosystem progress
The DAGT dApp will be officially released this month after optimization and development of various functions. Users can gain token rewards through registration and referring friends. The first functions will also be launched this time, like mobile top up, users can top up their mobile with DAGT tokens (this service is now only limited to users in China, users from other countries will be available soon).

Current Exchanges:
Fcoin: https://exchange.fcoin.com/ex/gpm/dagt-eth
Topbtc: http://www.topbtc.com/home/Market/index/market/ETH/coin/DAGT.html
Xbrick: https://xbrick.io/tradeNormal/eth_dagt

CMC: https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/digital-asset-guarantee-token/
🌐 Website: https://www.dagt.io/?lang=en
💬 DAGT Official Chat: https://t.me/DAGTofficial
📖 DAGT Whitepaper: https://www.dagt.io/pdf/dagt_en.pdf

What is DAGT?
💯 The Digital Asset Guarantee Token (DAGT) is a leading decentralized platform which allows holders of blockchain assets (ETH,USDT) to leverage their holdings as collateral for USDT, other ERC20 tokens will be added later. Lenders are matched with borrowers and receive returns. DAGT is the decentralized platform that ensures trust and fair transactions.

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