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Ethereum takes blockchain to next level by making it useful for all other scenarios other than financial transactions.

The concept of Ethereum is to work like as if there is only one powerful computer across the world.

It means, all those computers that join ethereum network, will be guided by ethereum program to work in a consistent way doing only things that ethereum platform allows.

This will certainly slow down the process. That’s not an issue. Ethereum was built not to work fast, but provide trustful environment for everyone to conduct business.

When blockchain talks about blocks, ethereum talks about accounts. When blockchain talks about transactions, ethereum talks about changing the state of data across its accounts.

Where Ethereum differs from blockchain is ethereum allows programs deployed in an account to control that account.

These programs that do certain tasks when triggered are called smart contracts.

This feature is what makes blockchain technology extend it’s scope from financial transactions to anything.

There is another platform called “HyperLedger”. This is a Linux Foundation initiative where IBM, Intel, and many other companies have participated.

There are few platforms that are part of Hyperledger now. Most notably, IBM’s HyperLedger Fabric and Intel’s Hyperledger Sawtooth.

HyperLedger Fabric is designed to be used in the business environment. It enables businesses to create permission-based blockchain networks.

This means, the network creator — business in question here — can tell who can join its network and what they can see and act on.

This provides the necessary confidentiality that businesses need.

My focus will be on #Ethereum and #Hyperledger.

I am interested in building solutions which are both private and public. You can compare this with Public Cloud and Private Cloud.

I will be writing more about these platforms. There fundamentals, technical architecture, writing and deploying smart contracts, integrating with other apps etc. etc.,

Do follow me if you are interested in this.

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