finaly be able to take ownership in Tanzanian bank official.

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Ricardo Badoer, Aidos kuneen

Now, the weekend has not started and I give you news. I spoke with my lawyer and Central bank and I am happy to finaly be able to take ownership in Tanzanian bank official. The bank is Hakika Bank. And as you already know the ownership is for 23%.

Since I am busy with the ETF I will need to wait until after new years to meet the board again to get the shares and also get my seat amongst the board directors. thank you all. So now, let there not be any more doubts.

Sumac = Done
Hakika Bank = done

two banks delivered as promised and ETF will be delivered right around new years. I have asked Hakika bank to announce it on their site and social media.

I ask all just to sit tight, We have ETF coming and As you guys see the ADK team never fails. I am sorry for the delay but this was again not in our hands. But we are there and now we move forwards and onwards. I see on the Japanese channel, People look at Hakika bank and say the website is bad.

Let me again fucking explain. I did not fucking buy Sumac and Hakika for their fucking Website. We did buy them because they are in none AEOI countries and also they have a good client base. website and online banking as I have said 10000 times will be changed. I do not understand how hard it is to see what we are doing and have done just in 20 months.

forgot to say the most important on why to buy them. BECAUSE THEY ARE FULLY LICENSED BANKS.

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