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One example could be enough to explain the essence of the project, but we decided to outline several situations, which describe not only the project mechanics, but also the significance and meaning of our joint project. Together we can not only achieve economic prosperity, but also be a project with a social mission, a hope for many talented but underrated people. Together we change the world for the better. Example 1. Gifted artist An application of a talented painter emerges on the platform. A group of qualified art specialists estimate that his artworks are of high value. At the same time, the specialists’ conclusion remains only a recommendation, so that investor or a group of investors may not agree with them and are free to make an independent decision relying on their preferences, instinct and choice. After such evaluation other platform members (Token holders, Co-Investment Fund, professional promoters from the business field, representatives of brands and galleries) make a decision to invest in this painter. Investment could be performed in a variety of manners. The painter will receive financial aid for marketing, to arrange exhibitions and other purposes meant to bring him recognition and success. In exchange the business will receive exclusive rights to use the painter’s artworks for their business purposes. Future revenue from artwork sales will also partly be returned to investors both as fiat money, as well as in tokens, and TALENTICO platform in its turn will be receiving its commission only in its tokens. Other platform members — token holders — can also invest in the painter simultaneously, both individually, as well as in partnership with business or Decentralized Co-Investment fund. Once the talented painter gains broader recognition with the audience, prices for his artworks can skyrocket in a short period of time. In accordance with the pre-contract, the painter will spend part of his income on TALENT tokens on stock exchange and return them to investors, who offered him help and support at the initial stage via TALENTICO platform.

Thus, the following goals will be achieved:

  1. Painter becomes successful, unlocks his potential.
  2. Investor receives return.
  3. Business acquires new face for brand promotion.
  4. TALENTICO platform and TALENT token gain more recognition and popularity.

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