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It has been a great journey for all TXT community members so far. We’ve successfully reached 2 milestones in the past weeks: TXT mining launch (average 100k mining power every day), TXT listing on exchange (the highest price growth reaches 140%).

Today we’re excited to announce another milestone: TXT payout system will be launched on Dec 07, 9AM UTC. TXT payout system is designed to reward TXT holders for their contribution in the growth of TRUST platform. By staking TXT, players can receive EOS and other tokens for free.

Total Payout

The detailed payout rules are as below:

1.Daily TXT staking payout= Payout pool * Daily distribution rate
(Daily distribution rate is 6% for first time, and it’s a dynamic value. The subsequent adjustment will be based on the development of the platform. )

2.The amount of TXT eligible for Payout is the lowest TXT staking amount in the past 7 days (i.e., the lowest TXT staking amount among snapshots taken at 8:00AM (UTC) in the past 7 days.)

3.TXT Staking Amount Snapshot Time: Snapshots for TXT staking amount will be taken at 8:00AM (UTC) every day from 2018/12/08.

4.Distribution Time: Daily payout will be sent to players’ account at 9:00AM (UTC) every day from 2018/12/15, and players can claim it at anytime.

Besides, TeamTrust is developing 2 more games (Crash, Poker)for TRUST platform. Crash game is a classic online multiplayer bitcoin game consisting of an increasing curve that can crash anytime. It’s fun and thrilling. It can also make you millions. Those 2 games will be officially released in December, 2018.

To play the game : https://trustdice.win/

To join our telegram group : https://t.me/trust_dice

To subscribe to our news channel : https://t.me/trustdicenews

To Join our bounty program and earn FREE TXT: https://medium.com/@trustdice/we-would-like-to-build-the-trust-platform-together-with-all-our-community-members-2c3de5857e0c

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