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Deep within the walls of the XYO Hacker Headquarters, many of us have wondered — frequently — how we could take XYO into the top 100 of CoinMarketCap. Okay, “wondered” is kind of a weak word. OBSESSED is more accurate.

We knew it would happen. We just didn’t know when.

Now, take note. Earlier this evening, it was raining cats and dogs in California’s finest city. Buckets! Thunder was booming like an angry bass drum at a college football half-time show. And at right around 6pm, a powerful, stray bolt of lightning slammed into the XYO building with a massive “CRACK!!!!” and an insane amount of force.

XYO was literally Thunderstruck!

And then it happened. Just a few hours later, we passed the event horizon. There was no turning back. And we barreled right into the top 100!

This is how legends are made!

Guys, we’ve more than cracked the top 100, we’ve demolished it! This is not a drill! WE ARE AT 100. RIGHT NOW! At 11:19 pm PST!!!!!

So, here’s our message to you.

If you’re HODLing XYO. If you’ve stuck with us as the rest of the market lost its footing. If you’ve poured your money and trust and heart into our company and our values, we raise a glass with you to toast this MAJOR company milestone.

We couldn’t have done this without you. Your patience and your loyalty sustain us.

We are beyond happy, we’re beyond humbled.

But we’re also beyond determined, because we’re just getting started.

Trust us when we say we have news coming up that is going to blow your socks off. Face-melting news. You will know it when we post it. Just, stay calm and breathe because we’re in this together. We’re family.

Some of you may see this post right now, and some of you may see this post tomorrow morning. But on the eve of us launching XYO in our first top 50 exchange, and on the tail-end of signing another major exchange deal, we can’t wait to see what the future holds!

Are you pumped? We’re pumped!

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