Over 300 Different Merchants Accepting Dash (DASH) in Colombia

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Over 300 Different Merchants Accepting Dash (DASH) in Colombia

Mark Mason, the director of Media and PR at Dashpay News shared positive news on Dash merchant adoption around a week ago on Twitter, on December 29th, 2018.

Apparently, since countries like Venezuela and Turkey that are going through major economic crisis are suffering from inflation due to political disagreements with the US, or developing countries, Venezuelans and other people living in regions hit by similar problems are said to be recording increased usage of cryptocurrencies, especially during the course of the last quarter of 2018.

One of such countries where merchant adoption of Dash (DASH), otherwise known as digital cash, is not in a major increase is Columbia, where there are over 300 merchants in the country accepting Dash currency as an alternative payment method.

Dash (DASH) Merchant Adoption in Columbia Increases in the Last Months of 2018

Mark Mason announced on Twitter that Dash adoption is moving forward thanks to the dedication and effort of community members and grassroots projects in full support of Dash Red Games and George Donnelly, adding that Dash has showcased excellent performance and growth in Columbia.

Mason also shared a chart to back his claims, evidently showing that the number of merchants accepting Dash currency as an alternative payment method has grown from just a little above 50 as recorded in August 2018 to 333 different merchants in December.

Additionally, besides the evident increase in adoption, Dash is also recording 25% of growth in the number of active wallets.

George Donnelly, the coordinator of Dash Colombia stated that even though numerous crypto assets are marking increased usage in Colombia, such as Bitcoin, for instance, Dash is by far leading in adoption in this country.

Donnelly also claims that he could testify that 90% of merchants in the region haven’t even heard of Bitcoin, adding that Dash (DASH) is likewise a novelty for these merchants.

The coordinator for Dash Columbia also added that he believes that Dash is holding the right position by establishing adoption in developing world countries, as that means that Dash could in the future dominate these regions in accordance with the already growing popularity in this country.

Despite the Increased Adoption in Columbia Merchants from Venezuela Still Recording Higher Dash Acceptance

Even though Columbian merchants are showcasing an increasing interest on adopting Dash cryptocurrency as an alternative payment method Venezuela is recording over 2,500 merchants accepting Dash currency.

Moreover, there are over 4,600 different merchant stores around the globe accepting Dash as a method of payment, while Donnelly is predicting a major success for digital cash in Columbia.

By Donnelly’s words, Columbia has a high rate of self-employment which contributes to a more stable economy, unlike the case with Venezuela which is losing its ground by getting close to 1 million percent inflation rate.

In the meanwhile, Dash is aiming at creating a more decentralized Trust system for overlooking operations of Dash Core Group, aiming to elect new Trust protectors and enable Dash network to take control over DCG.

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