ODEM partners with GE GeniusLink for blockchain certification issuance

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ODEM (ODE), the creator of an on-demand education marketplace, today announced it will provide GE GeniusLink, a unit of General Electric Co., with blockchain-based tools and technology to support GeniusLink management of experts and on-demand consultants.

The GeniusLink Expert Operating System helps clients solve business problems and execute priorities more effectively by creating a secure, digital pathway to experts and outcomes.

ODEM is developing the ODEM Platform on the Ethereum blockchain to streamline the organization and delivery of academic courses and certification.

“GeniusLink will verify the professional qualifications of its high-impact consultants by using ODEM’s blockchain certificates to ensure that short-term talent successfully fulfills client expectations. ODEM will deploy its Platform in the first quarter of 2019 to provide training allowing GeniusLink to augment and validate the qualifications of its on-demand talent for clients. Our partnership with GeniusLink represents a powerful endorsement of ODEM and blockchain technology’s potential to provide business solutions. We’re delighted to work with GeniusLink in pursuit of ODEM’s mission to make education more accessible, affordable, transferable and verifiable.”

ODEM Chief Executive Officer Richard Maaghul

Certificates of academic-or-professional achievement issued on a blockchain generate a tamper-proof digital signature. The signature can be cross-referenced with the issuing organization’s digital signature, allowing certificate holders to control their records and real-time cryptographic proof of validity.

“The talent equation is shifting. Which means the most competitive organizations are engaging crowdsourced and freelance talent to get business done.  Doing so requires a level of trust on both the part of the client and expert.  Platforms like ODEM’s provide an extra vote of confidence in those newfound geniuses—offering a secure digital fingerprint to attest their true skills and accomplishments.”

Dyan Finkhousen, Director, Open Innovation and Advanced Manufacturing, GeniusLink

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