EBC Foundation Bi-Weekly Update: January 11th, 2019

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Dear Travelers!

EBC Foundation promotes the adoption of blockchain by providing technology which allows all travelers to receive their full tax refunds instantly and to use EBCoin as a digital currency. We have had another successful week, as we are continuing to improve our EBCoin wallet and further develop our business.

Please read the following information below to keep yourself updated on what has been happening at EBCoin and the EBC Alliance.

EBCoin in 2019

In 2018, we saw a massive market correction and EBCoin couldn’t escape the long crypto winter. However, we have made some significant improvements in both technology and business developments. In addition, we have built a strong EBC ecosystem which we believe is the key to success. In order to move forward, we need to create more partners and build stronger communities outside of the EBC Foundation.

In terms of business development, everything is on schedule and moving according to the plan. Our focus is to start testing the business concept during Q1 of 2019, which is a crucial part of building a solid base for the Tax Refunds Project. By implementing our MVP to real life application, we can better target and improve our project.

To better market and advertise our project, we will spend more attention to growing crypto/blockchain communities outside of Korea. EBC is also going to better communicate about our general progress and be more transparent as a foundation.

Finally, we are continuing to build our token economy by talking with major exchanges both inside and out of Korea.

While there are many great blockchain projects, EBC foundation is confident that there are only very few projects that can impact the real world as much as EBCoin.

EBC Foundation — The Best Gift For Travelers

COO Julius SK Han

The interview was done by BLOCK-CLIP

Looking for Talents

1. Web-Designer

2. Business Developer

3. Marketer

We are always looking for other talented applicants. If you believe you can contribute to EBC Foundation, feel free to send a resume to hr1@ebcoin.io

Official Website: https://www.ebcoin.io

Medium: https://medium.com/@ebcoin

Telegram (EN): https://t.me/EBCoinGlobal

Twitter: https://twitter.com/EBCoinGlobal

Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/ebcoinglobal

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