Exploring Bethereum’s Competitive Advantages in the Online Betting Industry

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Here at Bethereum, we strive to become the new standard in betting. This is not an easy goal to accomplish, but we also aren’t taking this mission lightly. We’ve been preparing for over a year and have overcome each barrier standing in our way, from hosting a token sale in the middle of a bear market to engaging tens of thousands of sports fans in gaming contests.

We are not alone. There are other blockchain-based betting platforms all working to solve problems that make sports betting challenging, boring, or expensive. We have several competitive advantages that we believe will make Bethereum a favorite among sports bettors.

Bethereum is Fun and Social

Days of betting alone are over with Bethereum, which uses a social betting framework where users can bet against their friends and other sports fans. This brings a different feel and look to betting, making it easier to begin betting and more fun since each user is sharing the experience with others.

Another aspect of the fun that Bethereum brings to bettors is through gamification. Bethereum will utilize leaderboards, player chats, badges, and more, which help create a fun and competitive environment for the community.

Bethereum Offers Low Fees

Hidden fees are standard in our industry. While it looks like someone is betting without a fee, the odds are inflated, which results in fees whether they see them or not. With industry standards at anywhere from 15–25% because of being hidden in odds and withdrawal fees, Bethereum offers a rare opportunity to bet with fees over three times less than what is found in the market.

Bethereum is Transparent

Bethereum is truly void of bookies and completely transparent. Bettors don’t have to worry knowing what spreads are or be an expert to get started. Instead, they can simply pick who they believe will win, or if a score will go over or under a certain number of goals or points. And since Bethereum is on a blockchain that uses Smart Contracts, there is complete transparency, allowing bettors to see what’s going on with the bets that are being made.

Instant Payouts

Within minutes of the conclusion of a match, winners will be paid what is rightfully theirs. They can withdraw their winnings or bet again — it’s their choice.


There aren’t many guarantees in life, but betting on the blockchain comes with a trustless system where there are guarantees. Withdrawals won’t be held onto or restricted, which is a major advantage for bettors who have spent years fighting with customer service representatives just to claim their winnings. I’ve been there myself.


Bethereum is preparing to welcome the world of eSports to betting through a unique interface that mirrors the excitement and intrigue of the world of competitive gaming. eSports is one of the fastest growing industries in all of sports, and as the popularity of it grows, so does the interest in betting on eSports competitions around the world.

Reward System

Traditional betting websites have to offer discounts and rewards to entice bettors. Bethereum rewards users with our loyalty program. Learn more about the Bethereum Loyalty Program here.

Learn more about Bethereum and what we offer bettors here.

Bethereum is a decentralised, social-betting platform based on Ethereum technology and Smart Contracts. Want to know more? Start here.

If you would like to ask us anything or interact with our forever growing community, join one of our Telegram groups in your language.

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