How Will MOBU Create Adoption and Become Profitable from Day 1?

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The two most important aspects to keep in mind when you want to ensure that your business becomes profitable are the following:

MOBU is a great value for money investment opportunity with all underlying assets, licenses and clientele.

Nobody can predict the future. The truth is that nobody knows how long the adoption may take for digital securities/security tokens. Since MOBU realised that a forward-looking approach is inevitable to ensure ultimate success. This is the main reason why MOBU developed the MOBU Initiatives.

The MOBU Initiatives refer to MOBU itself taking initiative and ownership to increase the overall adoption of digital securities/security tokens and the actual usage of the MOBU platform and the MOBU token.

The MOBU Initiatives mainly serve three purposes namely:

MOBU Crowdfarming:

Across the world, agriculture is big business and most farmers are financially well-off. But not yet in Africa. According to the United Nations, Africa’s agribusiness industry is expected to be worth $1 trillion by 2030. And it makes perfect sense. The continent has a huge domestic market, owns 60 percent of the world’s unused arable land, and has abundant labour resources, and a favourable climate in most parts.

Still, Africa spends over $30 billion on food imports annually.

But what if all of us in the cities pool funds together, invest in these rural farmers, and take a share of the profits at harvest time?

Wouldn’t that significantly boost food production, cut down the continent’s food import bill, and make more money for both the investors and the farmers?

This business model is called “crowdfarming”, and it’s a trend that could totally transform the face of agribusiness in Africa.

The idea is simple. MOBU will purchase a 1400ha farm in the most exclusive game breeding region of South Africa. Two years ago, the farm was in the market for 20 million ZAR (roughly 1.38m USD). Currently the farm is available for purchase directly from the owner for 10 million ZAR (roughly 600k USD).

The farm is situated in the picturesque Waterberg mountains with endless possibilities as it is already zoned for 120 houses, business rights, etc. The farm will be converted into a luxurious game farm with business ventures in cattle farming, buffalo farming, tilapia farming, game breeding, etc. Two years ago, one buffalo alone was sold for 11m USD. The carrying capacity of the existing farm is roughly 100 buffalo.

The use of drone technology will allow more efficient crop farming by taking latest tech measures to look after the health of animals and manage them from a controlled point. Aerobotics is a South African business that uses its drones to provide bird’s eye surveillance for farmers that provides critical information that can boost crop yields by up to 10 percent.

MOBU intends to use drone technology for more efficient crowdfarming.

All home owners on the lodge, guests, hunters, etc. will receive discount when paying in MOBU tokens. Coming from South Africa farming is something most of the team has been grown up with but we have identified someone specifically to run this business. All token holders will have the right to revenue and receive discount on all services.

Fuel station:

Braam Kruger as part of MOBU team owns two fuel stations which ROI is roughly 25% in ZAR terms. We have found a fuel station for 700k USD which can easily fund all overheads and Braam clearly has the experience to run it successfully. Every token holder will once again receive discount on fuel purchases made in MOBU tokens which will increase adoption.

It took years for the internet to get adoption but nobody doubts it now. The benefits of digital securities are endless and it will only be the lucky few that got skin in the game early on that will be remembered and benefit financially from the next big waive to come!

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