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At Rabbit Hole Games, we want to explore the finer details of game development. We want to make games that explore the boundary of what it means for something to be a game. We want to understand what enchants a player. Truly understanding your audience can facilitate the creation of magical experiences. Our goal is not to create games with the user in mind; our aim is to make games from the mind of the user! We want to work closely with the community to architect the kind of realities that you crave.

Technology is changing at a rapid pace. Games can and will keep up with the progression of technology, but will game studios keep up with the changing market? I shudder to think of a world where the same game is pumped out twenty times in a row with minimal changes other than a re-skin and a copy cat game mode. We live in an age where you can don a funny looking headset and scale buildings or become a wizard and duel opponents.

Hopefully in time, we can position ourselves as a proponent of avant-garde, community-fueled, thought-provoking game development.

So we pose this critical question:

What do you want to experience?

Answer in the comments below. The best suggestion may make an appearance sooner than you think.

Currently, we are focusing our efforts on web games but will be making a move towards the VR space soon. There are just two of us at Rabbit Hole Games but we are passionate about creating novel experiences. One day we will reach a point where this is our main focus. In the meantime, we will see if slow and steady really can win any races.

If you are interested in participating, collaborating, or otherwise working with us towards our goal of creating unique and thought provoking games send us an email at

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