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💬 What does the “roll-out” look like for the TokenCard?

When we talk about “roll-out”, we’re referring to how we’ll bring the TokenCard to you — or your wallets (the physical one, not the smart contract one). This is due to happen in three stages:

| Stage 1️⃣ Token Team → The first step is to get 20 or so cards in the hands of the team so that we can take them for a controlled test drive. This step will mostly be about ensuring that all systems are go, and that the cards work as intended ahead of shipping to our Community. We’re on schedule here. The only difference between these cards and the ones we will be sending out is the way they look.

| Stage 2️⃣ Community Cards → This step will feature a generic green card design for 1,000 of our Community members!

| Stage 3️⃣ Wider Rollout → This will be the point where the wider world will get their hands on a TokenCard. These designs are our own, and we’ve ordered 10,000 of them to start with. A couple of notes on this stage:

(a.) Mel mentioned that we’re looking to get very community-centric with our designs, so keep your eyes peeled for designs moving forward and get your thinking hats on.

(b.) This stage may be staggered, to account for volume and any tweaks that need to be made to the product as we get feedback

We’re really excited to see this path ahead of us, from cards in the office, to the Community, to the world!

💬 What dates are you expecting phases 1/ 2/ 3 to happen?

We’ll be testing internally for at least a month, so Stage 2 will not happen before February, with the further 10,000 cards shipping in the following months.

One thing we really want to stress is that dates do shift around, depending on testing timelines and external parties. When dates slip, we feel it as much as anyone in the Community, so we will always do our best to keep you informed of any changes to timelines.

💬 Who will be eligible for the first 1,000 cards?

For sure, the priority for shipping the first cards will go out to our Community, starting with those in the UK (as we’re based there). We’ll publish more details of exactly who will be able to apply in a follow-up blog post to this one.

💬 What is Token’s position in the FCA Sandbox?

As many of you are aware, we joined the FCA Sandbox as part of Cohort 4 mid-way through last year. We speak to the team at the FCA regularly, and have made a lot of progress with their guidance regarding regulation in the world of crypto.

Although the usual time within the sandbox is around 6 months, our participation has been extended. Mel mentioned in the chat that we’re discussing the possibility of applying for future sandbox cohorts with TKN — whilst this isn’t necessary, it would be hugely helpful.

💬 What makes TokenCard unique vs. other (Ethereum) projects?

We believe that TokenCard will be the only wallet in the world where you can both own your money in a fully decentralised solution and at the push of a button use that money in the real world.

Ethereum is fundamentally changing the world we live in. Every day we are inspired by its potential to facilitate the creation of decentralised financial services that put people in full control of their own identities, their assets and the fruits of their work and imagination.

We’re on a mission to build the world’s first self-sovereign bank. To unleash the power of the Ethereum economy on the masses — today. For the first time people will have complete independence, choice and control of their assets. We’ll liberate people from the control of the big banks and custodial services, whose motives act directly against those they are supposedly serving.

We are 100% committed to decentralisation. The post bank era is here and we’re making it happen.

💬 How will ordering the card work?

The app will be the point of contact for ordering the card — there’s already a 💳 tab in the app! Our Product & Engineering team have been working hard on piecing together a seamless and secure experience around ordering the card, which we’ve put through rigorous testing.

💬 A lot of the Community are on Android! When can we expect the app on Android?

We know that many of you are on Android (half of Team Token are on Android, too)! Our initial focus whilst we get cards out the door is to develop for iOS, however we are looking to pick up the development work for the TokenApp on Android within the next few months. It’s a speed consideration; since we’ll be going through multiple iterations in the app constantly (re)building two versions rather than one slows down. Once we settle on what we’re confident with then you will get Android.

🔌 Quick plug to our Community: we’re looking for Android developers! Take a look at our jobs board for more info.

💬 You’ve mentioned a Bug Bounty? What will this look like? What is the size of the prize pool?

In a nutshell, a “Bug Bounty” provides a safe environment for engineers to expose vulnerabilities in a system — in our case, our smart contract. Mischa is currently working out the specifics on our Bug Bounty, and we’re aiming to have more on that in the coming weeks. We’re super excited to get our code in front of the Ethereum developer community, hearing the response from the industry and those building the future on Ethereum.

In terms of the Bounty “pool”, we’re ironing that out. The bottom line is that we will 100% look to fairly reward those who help us build a better product for our Community.

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