TokenInsight and AnChain.AI Partner to Fight Risks of the Token Space

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Collaborate to better shape standards in the blockchain ecosystem!

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Victor Fang and Matt Hu sealing the new partnership at the SIG annual conference

On December 15, 2018, TokenInsight attended the Susquehanna International Group (SIG) Asia Investment 2018 annual conference. At this event, global token data and rating agency TokenInsight and American AI blockchain security company have reached a strategic cooperation agreement. The Silicon Valley based company will provide platform and DApp smart contract security audits, making use of their proprietary AI-assisted evaluation engine, and apply it to the TokenInsight rating system. Together, both companies hope to promote safe and healthy development of the blockchain ecosystem.

“In working together, TokenInsight and will shed light on genuine innovation, increase transparency, and security within the blockchain ecosystem.”

Matt Hu, CEO of TokenInsight

According to prominent security website, there were 138 major security incidents in the blockchain industry during 2018, resulting in direct economic losses of more than $2.2 billion. The occurrence of these security incidents has seriously threatened the construction and viability of the entire blockchain ecosystem. As the blockchain industry continues to evolve, more and more projects and DApps will be plagued by such security issues.

In response to the above situation, TokenInsight, as an objective global third-party rating agency, hopes to help projects in this ecosystem identify potential risks and ensure the integrity and safety of hosted-DApps and platforms. The newly unveiled cooperation between TokenInsight and will enable both parties to take advantage of their respective strengths, further equipping the industry to more systematically anticipate, report and confront security vulnerabilities and enhance the standard for security across the industry.

As a well-known security company in the blockchain field, the team has, for the first time in history, discovered the existence of a blockchain-based advanced persistent attack BAPT. Team members derive from the world’s top network security companies (FireEye, Mandiant, McAfee EMC/RSA) and the team has professional expertise in advanced persistent threat APT monitoring, AI and machine learning, knowledge maps, and threat intelligence.

TokenInsight hopes to work with DApp teams, development teams and exchanges to promote the healthy development of the blockchain ecosystem and solve current industry security problems. TokenInsight welcomes DApp teams, development teams and exchanges with common interests to become TokenInsight partners and help create a safe and healthy blockchain development environment.


Silicon Valley-based, is a leading blockchain security company comprised of former-employees from the world’s top network security companies (FireEye, Mandiant, McAfee EMC/RSA). The team has professional core competencies in advanced persistent threat APT monitoring, AI and machine learning, knowledge mapping and threat intelligence. Investors include well-known Silicon Valley fund Amino Capital, Wall Street hedge fund CRMC Ventures and Susquehanna International Group. Customers include the world’s leading exchanges and the world’s top three DApp projects.

About TokenInsight

As a global token data and rating agency, TokenInsight is committed to providing clients with neutral, objective and in-depth licensable data and rating services. TokenInsight has established a comprehensive token data and rating system with ratings covering more than 1,500 industry projects. TokenInsight has divided its analysis between six sectors and 28 broad categories covering the entire blockchain ecosystem. Utilizing TokenInsight’s exclusive data-repository, TI has developed a series of indexes, including the TIG index for the general platform industry,the TIGPT index for remittances and the TIF index for the finance industry. TokenInsight’s TIF index is recognized, implemented and accessible across numerous information terminals, wallets and exchanges in the industry. As blockchain technology and its applications continue to mature, TokenInsight will continue to help discover and evaluate projects with real innovative potential.

In 2018, TokenInsight received a multi-million dollar A round financing from leading Chinese investment firm Matrix Partners, Draper Dragon, Fenbushi capital, and seed investor SIG.

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